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Special Conditioning Programs & Exercises 2023

AR 350-1 outlines the importance of Special Conditioning Programs (SCPs) for soldiers who have difficulty meeting either unit goals or the Army’s physical standards.

Special Conditioning Programs are designed for soldiers who face challenges in achieving unit objectives or adhering to Army standards.

  • These programs aim to enhance the physical readiness of soldiers and are conducted during normal duty hours. They are not punitive but rehabilitative in nature.

Some of the Special Conditioning programs and exercises include:

  • Bent-Leg Raise
  • Side Bridge
  • Back Bridge
  • Quadraplex
  • Lateral Leg Raise
  • Medial Leg Raise
  • Bent-Leg Lateral Raise
  • Single-Leg Tuck
  • Single-Leg Over
  • “I” Raise
  • “T” Raise
  • “Y” Raise
  • “L” Raise
  • “W” Raise

Key Objectives of Special Conditioning Programs

  1. APFT or Unit PRT Goal Failure: For soldiers who fail to meet Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) or unit Physical Readiness Training (PRT) goals.
  2. Soldiers on the Army Weight Control Program: Assistance for Soldiers enrolled in the Army Weight Control Program.
  3. Reconditioning: Programs designed for general physical reconditioning

Level I Reconditioning Drills and Activities

4 For The Core

Strengthening the core muscles for better stability and balance

Hip Stability Drill

Improves stability and strength in the hips.

Shoulder Stability Drill

Focuses on shoulder muscle groups for improved upper-body strength.

Level II Reconditioning Drills and Activities

Preparation Drill

General preparation exercises for enhanced physical readiness

Conditioning Drill 1

Exercises for developing speed, strength, and agility

Military Movement Drill 1

To restore and recover physical capability post-drills.

Recovery Drill Exercises

Strength Training Machine Drill


Special Conditioning Programs, as outlined in AR 350-1, are critical for soldiers who need targeted physical conditioning to meet Army standards. 

  • They offer a balanced fitness approach, tackling areas like core strength, limb stability, and overall physical readiness. 
  • Strength and Mobility Exercises are also included in the Special Conditioning Programs.
  • Each of these programs is finely tuned to aid in rehabilitating and strengthening soldiers to meet and exceed Army requirements.
George N.