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Single Arm Seated Cable Row 2023 

The Single Arm Seated Cable Row is a strength training exercise that primarily targets the muscles in the back, specifically the lats as well as the forearms, biceps, and shoulders, to a lesser extent.

If you are interested in building a strong upper body and core, you should include single-arm seated cable row exercise in your workout routine.

It targets numerous muscles simultaneously, improving your strength, posture, and overall fitness.

How to do the Single Arm Seated Cable Row 

I’m going to show you how to do a one-armed seated row.

First, we need a seated row machine. We will have a single attachment hooked onto the cable. This is because we’re pulling with one arm at a time.

Adjust the weights based on your fitness level.

Grab one handle. Make sure to place your feet firmly on the footrest. Keep your back straight and your chest out.

Place your opposite hand on your thigh. Start pulling the weights into your hip. Remember to exhale and inhale on the return.

This exercise is great for working the back.

Once you complete one set on that side, you’ll want to switch sides, grab the other handle and perform a few repetitions.

Always maintain proper form. It’s essential to keep everything in a controlled manner and ensure everything is smooth.

Maintaining proper form is very important. This exercise is designed to work your back, the back of your shoulders, and your biceps.

Tips for Doing the Single Arme Seated Cable Row

To perform the single-arm seated cable row, you should start just as you would with a double-arm cable row.

Your legs should be slightly bent, and your back should be straight and flat. Lift your fingers up, and then row into your waist.

Be sure to keep your elbow snug to your side. This action will engage your lats, traps, and rhomboid. Your lumbar will also be offering support, so your erectors should be engaged the whole time.

Draw in towards your side and then release slowly. As you draw in, ensure that you don’t twist from your waist or torso. Keep these areas straight – only your shoulders and arms should be moving during this exercise.

After working one side, rack it, grab hold of the handle with your other hand, and repeat the same movement.

Focus on the direction of the muscle fibers to achieve full muscle contraction. Squeeze and then stretch the muscle, allowing blood to circulate into the area.

Single Arm Seated Row As Part of Army PRT

Single Arm Seated Cable Row
Single Arm Seated Cable Row

This move is like the regular chair pull, but you use just one arm. If that arm is hurt, do it with less pull and movement.

Only add more pull when you can move your arm all the way.

Use this move to keep the strong arm working hard and go easy on the hurt one.

Benefits of Single Arm Seated Cable Row

Better Engagement of Muscles

  • Sometimes when you’re working with both arms, like during a curl or any bilateral activity, engaging the muscles can be challenging.
  • To help with this, I generally advise my clients to transition to unilateral or single-arm movements.
  • This approach can assist in focusing and enhancing the neuromuscular contraction throughout the targeted muscle group. Hence, we’re focusing on one arm at a time.

Strengthening upper body 

  • Single Arm Seated Row is a workout that focuses on your back muscles, they include trapezius, rhomboids, and latissimus dorsi. 
  • This will increase your upper body strength and improve your overall stability.

Correcting posture 

  • Desk-type of work and sedentary lifestyles lead to posture issues. 
  • The Single Arm Seated Row will improve your posture by strengthening the back and shoulder muscles, improving spinal adjustment, and reducing the likelihood of developing postural imbalances.

Engaging Core Muscles

  • In addition to the back muscles, the single-arm seated cable row also engages the core muscles. 
  • This happens when you pull the weight, causing resistance and engaging all core muscles to maintain stability and improve your overall functional fitness.

Cons of Single Arm Seated Cable Row 

Incorrect Form can lead to Injuries.

  • To avoid injuries, you fast maintain the correct Form and technique. Otherwise, you may strain or damage the back or shoulders.

Limited muscle activation

  • The main focus of Single Arm Seated Row is your back muscles. It will not engage other muscles in your upper body. 
  • If you want a comprehensive upper body workout, combine this workout with other exercises targeting shoulders, arms, and chest.

What muscles are worked during Single Arm Seated Row Exercise? 

  • Latissimus dorsi; These muscles are located on the side of your back. The muscles control all your pulling movements and provide width to your upper body.
  • Rhomboids; Rhomboid muscles are in between your shoulder blades. They retract and stabilize your shoulder blades.
  • Trapezius; These muscles are responsible for shoulder retractions and elevation.
  • Core muscles; The single-arm seated row exercise engages your core muscles, including the obliques and abdominals. They provide stability to the body during rowing movements.
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