ACFT Score Chart (Sheet)

The Acft score chart or sheet is a document form used by the United States Army to record and track the performance of soldiers who take the ACFT standard test exercises.

The ACFT score sheet outlines the score of each ACFT test event based on the time taken, distance covered, the number of repetitions or the weight lifted, and the scores are combined to determine the overall ACFT score, which is recorded in the ACFT scorecard.

The results of the ACFT score chart are then measured against the set standards for each event to determine whether the soldier has met the minimum ACFT requirements for their age and gender. Soldiers who fail any of the six events must retake the whole test.

Also available is the acft grading scale, which outlines the maximum and minimum requirements for each event based on age and gender.

What are the 6 ACFT events recorded in the score sheet:

It includes spaces to record scores for the six events that make up the test:

  • Core Strength exercises: Deadlift, Standing Power Throw, Hand-Release Push-Up)
  • Aerobic Exercises: Sprint-Drag-Carry, Leg Tuck
  • Anaerobic exercise: 2 Mile Run

What is a good ACFT score? 

The Army has a minimum set score that soldiers should meet for each event. 

The score also depends on the soldier’s age, gender, and job requirements. 

There is a requirement to get a higher score for jobs that require more physical fitness. A score of 60 points or above is considered good in most acft exercises.

The total number of possible points is 600 :

  • Deadlift (100 points)
  • standing power throw (10 points)
  • Hand-release push-up (10 points)
  • Sprint-drag-carry (100 points)
  • leg tuck (20 points)
  • 2-mile run (100 points)

What is the average ACFT score in the Army? The average score is 360 points, the required number of points to pass ACFT successfully.


ACFT Deadlift Score Chart
ACFT Deadlift Score Sheet

Below: You can download the New ACFT Score Chart in PDF Format