Military Movement Drill 1 (MMD 1)


The purpose of MMD1 in the toughening phase (Figure 10-3) is to enhance running form, dynamically prepare the body for more vigorous running activities, and develop motor efficiency. Military movement drill 1 is conducted following preparation and the HSD prior to running activities during the PRT session. Any level area of adequate size is appropriate for conducting MMD1. Beware of hazards such as holes, uneven terrain and rocks. Use caution when conducting MMD1 on wet terrain. This drill is conducted using the extended rectangular formation (covered) and performed by rank. Military movement drill 1 consists of exercises performed at 25-yard intervals: verticals, laterals, and the shuttle sprint. Refer to Table 10-2 for endurance and mobility activities, prescriptions of intensity, duration, and volume within the toughening and sustaining phases. In addition, Chapter 5, Planning Considerations, provides the template for commanders and PRT leaders to implement endurance and mobility activities into their PRT programs.

Figure 10-3. Military movement drill 1

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