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Single Arm Bicep Curl Exercise 2023

Single Arm Bicep Curl Exercise
Single Arm Bicep Curl Exercise

The single arm bicep curl is an exercise that primarily targets the biceps brachii muscle, which is located in the upper arm. 

This exercise also works on other secondary muscles, such as the muscles of the forearm and the brachialis, which is a muscle that lies underneath the biceps brachii.

The single-arm bicep curl is an isolation exercise that solely isolates the bicep muscles for visible growth and strength. This exercise’s main focus is on the upper arm’s front muscles.

What muscles are worked by the single arm bicep curl?

  • Single-Arm Biceps Curl workout targets the brachialis, brachii, and brachioradialis muscles in the upper-arm area. 
  • By targeting these muscles, this exercise helps grow the muscles that make you look tough and strengthen the muscles internally for improved performance.  

How to do the Single Arm Bicep Curl

The single-arm biceps curls, like any other exercise, need a proper posture, a proper routine, and a proper sequence of activities to ensure that you get the required results.

To do single-arm bicep curls in a proper fashion, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Set up your dumbbells.

  2. Stand straight in a manner that your hands face up with dumbbells in your palms.

  3. Make sure that the dumbbells don’t touch your body.

  4. Before actually starting the exercise, slightly lift the weights to warm up your biceps.

  5. Start exercising with your weakest arm first, which is the left arm in most cases. Curl up the weighted dumbbell as much as you can.

  6. When the dumbbell is closely curled, squeeze the bicep muscles and curl down with the dumbbells still in your hands.

  7. Repeat the same exercise as per your set target reps.

  8. Do the same with the other arm.

Tips for Doing a Single-Arm Bicep Curl

Some pro tips might help you maintain the proper posture and keep the weight where required:

  • Only move your forearms while keeping the rest of your body fixed during the exercise.
  • Don’t touch your body with the dumbbells.
  • Make sure that there is tension in your bicep muscles at all times. Even when the dumbbell is all curled up, or the weight is hanging in your hand, ensure that your bicep feels the tension and pressure.
  • Always start working on the weaker arm first, then move on to the stronger one. 

Army PRT One Arm Bicep Curl


  • This exercise, similar to the biceps curl, is performed one arm at a time
  • The range of motion and resistance for the injured side is reduced.
  • As the Soldier’s condition improves, the range of motion can be gradually increased until the exercise is performed to standard.
  • The resistance shouldn’t be increased until the Soldier can move through the full range of motion.
  • The single-arm biceps curl is employed to maintain heavy resistance on the healthy side and to reduce resistance on the injured side.
Single Arm Bicep Curl
Single Arm Bicep Curl

Benefits of the Single Arm Biceps Curl

The single arm bicep curl exercise has some benefits, as follows:

  • It increases the muscle strength in the upper arm.
  • Visibly enhances the size of muscles.
  • It boosts athletic performance, so if you dream of becoming an athlete, then this exercise can be your game-changer. 
  • It fixes any movement imbalance.
  • It boosts the connection between muscles and the mind by strengthening the muscles and activating the brain cells.
  • Helps improve daily arm movement and activities.
  • It teaches you to engage your core in daily movements.
  • Stabilizes the shoulders 


  • Bad posture can result in a rotator cuff injury.
  • Strain in the wrist can occur when you lift more weight than your arms can hold.
  • You can experience pain in the front side of the shoulders, known as bicep tendinitis.

Single arm bicep curls vs both arm bicep curls

  • There is a famous argument about which one is better to exercise among single-arm and both-arm bicep curls. 
  • The answer is quite straightforward; both of these exercises offer more or less the same result and strength.
  • The only plus of doing a single-arm bicep curl is that it allows you to focus on one arm at a time, improving the performance of your weaker arm and strengthening the connection between muscles and the mind. This improved connection also helps with athletic performance.
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