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Chest Press


Purpose: This exercise develops strength in the arms, shoulders, and chest muscles (Figure 6-30).

Starting Position: Seated position with the feet firmly on the ground. The seat is adjusted so a 90-degree angle is formed between the upper and lower arms with the shoulders directly below the handgrips. The hips, low back, shoulders, and head are firmly against the seat back with the eyes looking straight ahead. A natural arch is maintained in the lower back. Select the appropriate weight and ensure the pin is secure in the weight stack.

Cadence: SLOW


  1. Push upward until both arms are fully extended, but not locked.
  2. Return to the starting position.
Figure 6-30. Chest press

Check Points:

  • Feet remain on the ground, with hips, back, shoulders, and head firmly on the bench.
  • Keep the head and neck in a neutral position, looking straight ahead.
  • Exhale on count 1 and inhale on count 2.

Precaution: Do not arch the back or allow the hips to rise off the bench.

George N.