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Single Leg Prone Hamstring Curl

The Single Leg Prone Hamstring Curl is a strength training workout exercise that targets the hamstring muscles in the back of the thigh.

Prone single-leg curl is one of the most effective workouts that target lower body muscles. It focuses on the glutes and hamstrings.

This exercise is a unilateral exercise, given it is performed using only one leg at a time.

How to do the Prone Single-Leg Exercise

I will demonstrate how to do a prone single-leg curl. This is a great unilateral exercise that activates the hamstrings and also glutes.

  1. Leg Curl Machine

    Now, when doing this exercise, you first need a leg curl machine.

  2. Adjust the Leg Curl machine

    When getting into the starting position, you first want to adjust the back piece so it can fit right underneath your Achilles tendon or the heel (under the machine pad)

  3. Get into position

    Lie facing down the machine with your legs underneath the leg pad and your foot flexed. Your other leg should be relaxed and on the opposite side of the machine.

  4. Perform the Exercise

    With your chest up, back up, and shoulders back, curl your flexed leg towards your buttocks. Bring the leg curl machine all the way back, really targeting the glutes nicely controlled and not too fast. The motion should come solely from your knee.

  5. Lower the weight

    Slowly lower the weight back down until your leg is fully extended.

  6. Repeat

    After a number of reps and when you’re ready, go ahead and switch legs, flex the foot, and begin.

Tips for doing this exercise correctly

You want to flex your feet when doing the prone single-leg curl exercise. You want to be flexed in the starting position.

Keep your back up and not relaxed; keep your shoulders back, your chest up, and maintain a strong athletic position when holding onto the machine.

When I’m doing the prone single-leg curl exercise, I’m not slamming the weight or jerking my body.

I will do it nice and controlled, with no jerking, no swinging, and no bringing up the weight really fast. This is how you do a single-leg prone curl effectively.

Prone Single Leg Curl Army PRT Exercise

This exercise is part of the army prt, soldiers with low back or hip injuries can opt for the seated leg curl if it’s available. The range of motion and resistance is decreased for the injured leg.

The Soldier will gradually increase their range of motion until the exercise is performed to standard (heel to the buttocks).

The resistance should only be increased once the Soldier can move through the full range of motion.

The single-leg curl is used to maintain a heavy resistance on the good leg and to reduce the resistance on the injured leg.

prone single leg curl
Prone Single Leg Curl

Benefits of prone single-leg curl

It can strengthen your hamstring.

  • As mentioned earlier, prone single leg curl is a workout that targets your hamstring. By focusing on one leg at a time, you can isolate and activate the hamstring muscles, improving muscle balance and stability.

Glute activation

  • This workout can activate glute muscles. To ensure optimal lower body functioning, you need to have strong glute muscles. 
  • Prone single-leg curl exercise is quite popular among athletes as it helps them to avoid injuries when lifting, jumping, or running.

Core stability

This workout exercise engages your core and can help strengthen the deep core muscles and promote better posture and spine alignment.

Muscle imbalance correction

  • Most individuals have muscle imbalances between their left and right sides. If you are one of them, the prone single-leg curl is perfect. 
  • It can help you isolate each leg and allow the strengthening of the weaker muscles.; effectively addressing muscle imbalances.

Drawbacks of prone single leg curl

You need a leg curl machine or a stability ball.

  • Without a leg curl machine or a stability ball, or if you don’t have access to a gym or such equipment, it will not be possible for you to do this exercise. 
  • Alternatively, you can engage in bodyweight exercises or use resistance bands.

What muscles do you work during a prone single leg curl workout?

  • The prone single leg curl workout focuses mainly on your glutes and hamstrings. 
  • However, it can also engage many other muscles in the body, such as your quadriceps, the core, and the calf muscles.

Always remember to perform this exercise with proper form to prevent injury and to ensure the most effective workout.

George N.