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About us

At, our mission is to be a comprehensive hub for young Americans, focusing on in-depth insights specifically related to the United States Army Physical Readiness Training and standards.

Established in 2010,’s commitment is:

  • Enlightening young adults about the U.S. Army’s physical world.
  • Presenting data in an engaging and relatable format.
  • Offering guiding principles tailored to today’s youth.

The Distinction

What makes us unique on the military content spectrum?

  • Authenticity: Unlike many fitness platforms,’s content is penned predominantly by US military veterans.
  • Specialized Experience: Our diverse panel of writers has specialized experience in different facets of the Army. Their firsthand experiences add depth and authenticity to our content.

Your Journey with Us

We cherish your trust in Our offerings:

  • Guidance for those exploring Army careers.
  • Insights on the Army’s fitness standards

Feedback & Suggestions: We value your input! If you have a topic in mind related to the Army’s physical training, don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • To suggest topics or share feedback, use the contact form on this page. Our goal is to guide and accompany you on your journey into the U.S. Army’s physical readiness realm.
George N.