Shuttle Sprint


Purpose: This exercise develops anaerobic endurance, leg speed, and agility (Figure 10-6).

Starting Position: Staggered stance with the right foot forward. The right heel is even with the toes of the left foot. The right arm is to the rear with the elbow slightly bent and the left arm is forward. The head is up looking straight ahead and the knees are slightly bent.

Movement: Run quickly to the 25-yard mark (as arrow 1 in the following exercise illustration shows). Turn clockwise while planting the left foot and bending and squatting to touch the ground with the left hand. Run quickly back to the starting line (arrow 2) and plant the right foot, then turn counterclockwise and touch the ground with the right hand. Run back to the 25-yard mark (arrow 3) accelerating to near maximum speed.

Check Points:

  • Soldiers should slow their movement before planting feet and changing direction.
  • Soldiers should squat while bending the trunk when reaching to touch the ground as they change direction.
  • Soldiers touch the ground with their left hand on the first turn, then with their right hand on the second turn.
  • Accelerate to near maximum speed during the last 25-yard interval.

Precaution: Soldiers should use caution when performing this exercise on wet terrain.

Figure 10-6. Shuttle sprint

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