Purpose: This exercise helps to develop proper running form (Figure 10-4).

Starting Position: Staggered stance with the right foot forward. The right heel is even with the toes of the left foot. The right arm is to the rear with the elbow slightly bent and the left arm is forward. The head is up, looking straight ahead, and the knees are slightly bent.

Movement: Bring the hips quickly to 90-degrees of bend without raising the knees above waist level. Ground contact should be primarily with the balls of the feet. When the left leg is forward, the right arm swings forward and the left arm swings to the rear. When the right leg is forward, the left arm swings forward and the right arm swings to the rear.

Figure 10-4. Verticals

Check Points:

  • Arm swing is strong and smooth with the forward arm slightly bent and 90-degrees to the ground and the rearward arm relatively straight.
  • Arm swing is from front to rear, not side to side, with the upper part of the forward arm reaching parallel to the ground as it swings to the front.
  • Keep a tall stance with a stable, upright trunk. The back remains perpendicular to the ground. There should not be any back swing of the legs.

Precaution: N/A

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