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Single Arm Tricep Extension 2023

Single Arm Dumbbell Tricep Extension
Single Arm Dumbbell Tricep Extension

The Single Arm Tricep Extension is an exercise that targets the triceps, which are the muscles located on the back of the upper arm.

This exercise can be performed using dumbbells or cables. A Triceps workout is a must for those who wish to have toned arms.

Among the various triceps exercises, the single arm triceps extension is an effective exercise that targets the triceps muscles. And thus, it comes with some great results.

How to do the Single Arm Tricep Extension

I will show you how to perform a single-arm dumbbell overhead extension. It’s an excellent exercise to isolate the triceps, which are the primary movers in this routine.

In addition, you’ll utilize your core to help stabilize during the exercise.

This is how to do the Single Arm Tricep Extension.

  1. Setting Up – You can do this exercise by standing up or sitting down.

    If you choose to stand, you’ll want to have your feet about shoulder-width apart, contracting your core to stay up nice and tall.

    If you choose to be seated, you want to make sure that you’re sitting upright and not letting your butt slide forward on the seat.

  2. Dumbbell

    -Begin by grabbing the dumbbell with a pronated grip

    – You will start the exercise from the contracted position, then lower the dumbbell past 90 degrees, and then extend back up

  3. You have a few options for your opposite hand.

    You can choose to put your opposite hand across your stomach, on your hip, or you can place it inside the pocket of your elbow to help you spot yourself during the exercise.

  4. Core

    – Be sure to stabilize through the core by flexing and contracting your abdominals.
    – If you have a back injury, you can utilize a chair, and when you sit in the chair, make sure you’re sitting straight up.

There you guys have it, that’s how you do a single-arm dumbbell overhead extension.

Army PRT: Single Arm Tricep Extension

Standing Single Arm Tricep Extension
Standing Single Arm Tricep Extension

How to do the Army PRT Single arm Tricep Extension

  • This exercise is performed much like the triceps extension, using only one arm at a time.
  • The range of motion and resistance are decreased on the injured side. 
  • As the soldier’s condition improves, the range of motion may gradually increase until the exercise is performed to standard. 
  • The resistance should not be increased until the soldier can move through the full range of motion. 
  • The single-arm triceps extension maintains heavy resistance on the good side and/or reduces resistance on the injured side.
Seated Single Arm Tricep Extension
Seated Single Arm Tricep Extension

What are the Benefits of the Single Arm Tricep Extension?

Some of the benefits of the single-arm tricep extension are as follows:

Triceps Strength

  • The single-arm triceps extension helps strengthen and develop the triceps muscles. 
  • As you extend your arm against resistance, the triceps muscles are engaged and contract, leading to increased strength over time.

Muscle Definition

  • The single arm tricep extension can help improve muscle definition and tone in the back of your upper arms by targeting the triceps specifically. 
  • This exercise can contribute to achieving a more sculpted appearance.

Balance and Stability

  • Performing the single arm tricep extension requires balance and stability, as you need to control the movement while keeping your core engaged. 
  • This exercise can help improve your overall balance and stability, which are beneficial for various daily activities and sports performances.

Isolation of the Triceps

  • The single arm triceps extension allows you to isolate and focus on each arm individually.
  • This can help address any muscular imbalances between your arms and ensure that each arm is working equally, which is important for symmetry and overall upper body strength.

Functional Strength

  • The triceps muscles are involved in many pushing movements in daily life, such as pushing a door open or pushing yourself up from a seated position. 
  • Strengthening the triceps through exercises like the single-arm triceps extension can enhance your functional strength and make these activities easier to perform.

Tips for Performing a Single Arm Triceps Extension

Proper Form

  • To begin, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, a dumbbell in one hand, and your arm straight up.
  • Keep your elbow aligned with your shoulder joint and your wrist straight throughout the movement.
  • Lower the weight behind your head slowly, bending at the elbow, and then raise the weight to the starting position.

Gradual Increase in Weight

  • If you are new to single-arm triceps extensions, start with a lighter weight to ensure proper form and reduce the risk of injury. 
  • Gradually increase the weight as you become more comfortable with the exercise. 
  • This will help you build strength and avoid overexertion or strain.


  • Variations in the exercise can target different areas of the triceps muscle group. 
  • You can perform the exercise with a cable machine, resistance bands, or even a bench or stability ball.
  • These variations can also provide a different level of resistance and challenge to your triceps muscles.


  • Performing single arm triceps extensions is an effective way to strengthen and tone your triceps muscles. 
  • By following these tips, you can perform the exercise correctly and safely and achieve better results.
  • Moreover, working with a qualified fitness professional is recommended to learn the correct execution and ensure safety during your workouts.
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