Climbing Drill 2 (CL 2)


Climbing drill 2 (CL 2) is a performance-oriented drill conducted in the sustaining phase that prepares Soldiers for critical tasks under fighting load such as climbing, traversing a rope, and pulling the body up on to a ledge or through a window. Soldiers increase the resistance by performing CL 2 with their LBE/LBV, body armor (IOTV), ACH, and individual weapon. They will hold the UP position of exercise 1, the flexed-arm hang, for five seconds (one repetition, only) and perform five repetitions of each of the remaining four exercises: the heel hook, the pull-up, the leg tuck, and the alternating grip pull-up.

Spotters provide assistance until Soldiers can complete all repetitions without assistance. Soldiers may progress from five to ten repetitions and one to two sets of CL 2 once they are able to perform most of the drill unassisted. The goal is to perform 5 to 10 repetitions of all five exercises unassisted. If a second set is performed, the entire drill is repeated in the order listed. Table 9-8 lists the body segments trained in CL 2.

Table 9-8. Body segments trained in CL 2.

Climbing Drill 2

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