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Flexed Arm Hang Exercise 2023

The Flexed Arm Hang is a strength training exercise primarily targeting your back, arms, and shoulder muscles.

The flexed arm hang workout is the first exercise in Climbing Drill 2; it develops the soldier’s upper body muscular endurance, enabling them to sustain the up position.

The other four exercises in climbing drill 2 are as follows:

The flexed arm hang workout is a classic exercise done by hanging from a bar with your arms bent at a 90-degree angle; it has been around for many years.

This exercise is excellent for increasing the strength and stamina of your upper body, and it can also help to strengthen your grip and stabilize your core.

Army PRT Flexed Arm Hang Exercise

Flexed Arm Hang Exercise
Flexed Arm Hang Exercise

Purpose: This exercise develops the ability to hold the body in the flexed-arm hang position.

Starting Position: The starting position for the flexed arm hang is the extended arm hang using the closed overhand grip.

Cadence: N/A

Count: This exercise is performed for one repetition of five seconds.

  • On the command UP, keep the body straight, pull upward with the arms until the chin is above the bar, and hold for five seconds.
  • On the command DOWN, return to the starting position.

Check Points:

  • Throughout the exercise, the palms face away from the body, with the thumbs around the bar.
  • Throughout the movement, keep the feet close together.


  • If the soldier requires assistance, two spotters assume staggered stance positions in front and back of the soldier.
    • The two spotters are not required if the soldier states that no spotter is needed. 
  • The front spotter places palms towards the exerciser at chest height to support the exerciser if their grip fails.
  • The back spotter holds the exerciser’s feet against their thigh or abdomen to support the movement up. Once the soldier is up, the back spotter stops assisting.

Additional Notes:

  • If the soldier cannot hold the UP position for five seconds, they will return to the starting position.
  • A more extended hold is appropriate for soldiers who can perform all the climbing drill exercises for five repetitions to standard without assistance.
  • The spotters may assist in guiding the exerciser to the footpegs after the command of DOWN, before the command of DISMOUNT.

Key Point:

  • Keep your shoulders down and back, relax your neck, and pull back with your shoulder blades. 
  • This will get more of your full body and back muscles into the game and help you stay up there for a bit longer. 

Precaution: Refer to Climbing Drill for spotting.

Benefits of Flexed Arm Hang Exercise

Increase Upper Body Strength.

  • Flexed arm hangs can help you build stronger upper body muscles, one of their main advantages. 
  • Your back, shoulders, biceps, and forearms are used as you move up the bar, which can help you gain strength and tone up these muscles.

Improve Grip Strength and Endurance.

  • The flexed arm hang can also increase your grip strength and stamina. 
  • It takes a lot of grip strength to hang from a bar, and the longer you can maintain the position, the better your grip endurance will get.

Strengthen Core Muscles

  • While the flexed arm mainly works your upper body, your core muscles are also activated. 
  • Your abs and lower back muscles will be worked when you hold your legs straight out in front of you, which can help strengthen your core.

Develop Shoulder Stability and Mobility

  • Finally, the flexed arm can aid in strengthening the stability and mobility of the shoulder. 
  • You’re putting your shoulders in an isometric hold by turning away from the bar with your arms bent, which can help them become stronger. 
  • The exercise can also improve your shoulder flexibility and range of motion.

How to Perform the Flexed Arm Hang Exercise at Home

A flexed arm hang is a straightforward exercise to do. Here’s how to do it properly: 

  1. Find a sturdy pull-up bar that can support your weight.
  2. Jump up and grab the bar with an overhand grip, with your palms facing away.
  3. Pull yourself up until your chin is above the bar.
  4. Slowly lower yourself back down once you’re in this position until your arms are flexed at a 90-degree angle.
  5. Hold this position for as long as you can.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The flexed arm hang has a few mistakes people make. Some of the mistakes you should look out for are as follows:

  • Maintain proper form by keeping your head up and looking forward.
  • Avoid swinging your body or moving quickly to get into position. Your shoulders and back may be subjected to unneeded tension as a result.
  • Not using your core: To help stabilize your body, keep your abs and lower back muscles engaged.

Tips for Beginners

Here are some pointers to get you started with the flexed arm hang if you’re new to it:

  • Start with short holds: Hold the position briefly, then gradually increase to longer holds.
  • Use support: If you find it challenging to maintain the position for an extended period, use a resistance band or ask a partner to help you by holding your legs up.
  • Maintain proper form by pulling your shoulder blades back and down and tucking your elbows in.

Variations of the Flexed Hang Exercise

Once you’ve mastered the basic flexed arm hang, you can try a few variations to push yourself further.

One-Arm Flexed Arm Hang

  • Hang from the bar with one hand while maintaining the other arm at a 90-degree angle to perform a one-arm flexed arm hang.

L-Sit Flexed Arm Hang

  • L-Sit is a more challenging variation; hang from the bar while holding your legs straight out in front of you in an L-sit position.

Weighted Flexed Arm Hang

  • The weighted flexed arm hang involves donning a weighted vest or holding a dumbbell between your feet to make the exercise harder.

Flexed Hang Training

Here are some pointers to get you started with the flexed arm hang if you’re interested in adding it to your exercise regimen:

  • Start with short holds: Hold the position for a few seconds, then gradually increase to longer holds.
  • Combine this exercise with other exercises, such as Pull-ups and push-ups.
  • As you gain strength, add weight or extend your holds to challenge yourself.


  • The flexed arm hang exercise increases upper body strength and overall fitness. 
  • This exercise can assist you in reaching your fitness objectives by enhancing the strength of your grip, strengthening the muscles in your core, and improving the stability and mobility of your shoulders. 
  • There are numerous ways to incorporate the flexed arm hang into your workout regimen and challenge yourself to gain strength, whether a novice or an experienced athlete.
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