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Conditioning Drill 2 Exercises | Army CD2 in 2023

Conditioning Drill 2 Exercises | Army CD2 in 2023

Conditioning drill 2 consists of five advanced exercises that require more complex plyometric and bilateral movement skills while challenging the components of strength, endurance, and mobility.

Army Conditioning Drill 2 Exercises

Army Conditioning Drill 2 has five exercises:

  1. Turn and Lunge
  2. Supine Bicycle
  3. Half Jacks
  4. Swimmer
  5. 8-Count Push-Up

Conditioning Drill 2 Exercises are conducted at a slow (turn and lunge, supine bicycle, and swimmer) or moderate (half jacks and 8-count push-ups) cadence. 

  • In the toughening phase, soldiers should perform no more than five repetitions of each exercise in CD 2. 
  • In the sustaining phase, soldiers progress from 5 to 10 repetitions. 
  • If more repetitions are desired, then perform an additional set of the entire drill. 
  • Precise execution should never be sacrificed for speed.

This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of CD 2, highlighting its benefits and structure, along with detailed descriptions of the exercises involved.

The Structure of the Army CD2

Training Requirements

AreaAny level ground with adequate space
UniformIPFU or ACUs and boots
EquipmentNone required
FormationExtended rectangular
LeadershipA PRT leader and an AI (Assistant Instructor)

Phases and Cadence

  • Toughening Phase: Up to 5 repetitions for each exercise
  • Sustaining Phase: 5 to 10 repetitions, with the option for additional sets.
  • Cadence: Exercises are performed at a slow or moderate cadence.

Precision and Progression

  • Precise execution takes precedence over speed and quantity.
  • The goal is to complete the entire drill with minimal pauses between exercises for maximum efficiency.

Components Targeted

The exercises aim to build or improve:

  • Strength: by challenging the control of body weight.
  • Endurance: Promoting stamina without repetitive motions that risk overuse injuries
  • Mobility: Moving the joints through a controlled, full range of motion

Condition Drill 2 Exercises or Army CD2

Army Conditioning Drill 2 (CD2)
Army Conditioning Drill 2 (CD2)

Army Conditioning Drill 2 has the following exercises:

Turn and Lunge

The turn and lunge exercise involves a 180-degree turn followed by a lunge. The exercise is excellent for improving agility and leg strength.

  • Objective: Improves agility and leg strength.
  • Execution: Stand upright, perform a 180-degree turn, lunge forward, and return to the starting position.

Supine Bicycle 

The supine bicycle is a ground exercise mimicking a bicycle motion to target the core and leg muscles.

  • Objective: Target core and leg muscles.
  • Execution: Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and simulate a bicycle pedaling motion.


The swimmer exercise involves mimicking a swimming motion while lying prone. It targets the upper back, shoulders, and triceps.

  • Objective: Strengthen the upper back, shoulders, and triceps.
  • Execution: Lie face down with arms extended and simulate a swimming stroke.

Half Jacks 

The half jack is a simpler version of the jumping jack that focuses on cardio and leg muscles.

  • Objective: Enhance cardiovascular fitness and leg muscles.
  • Execution: Stand upright and perform a simplified jumping jack without raising the hands.

8-Count Push-up  

The 8-count push-up is a complex exercise performed in 8 counts, targeting the chest, arms, and core muscles.

  • Objective: Strengthen the chest, arms, and core.
  • Execution: Begin in plank, lower the body in 4 counts, and raise in 4 counts.

Benefits of Army CD2 Exercises

Below are some of the benefits of conditioning drill two exercises:

Holistic Development

  • Strength: Enhances muscle strength by involving complex plyometric and bilateral movements.
  • Endurance: builds stamina without causing repetitive stress, reducing the risk of overuse injuries.
  • Mobility: Focuses on full-range, controlled joint movements to improve agility and responsiveness.

Efficient Training

  • Time-Effective: It is quick to perform and ideal for tightly scheduled military training.
  • Comprehensive: targets multiple fitness components in one drill.

Army CD2 Conclusion

  • Conditioning Drill 2 is a meticulously designed PRT program that holistically targets strength, endurance, and mobility. 
  • It is an excellent regimen for military personnel aiming to achieve balanced physical readiness. 
  • With its focus on precision, appropriate cadence, and regulated progression, CD 2 proves invaluable in preparing soldiers for the physical challenges ahead.
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