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8-Count Push-Up Workout Exercise 2023

The 8-count push-up is a compound exercise that combines a traditional push-up with additional movements to work on more muscle groups and increase the cardio component of the exercise.

  • Push-ups are a typical, prevalent calisthenics exercise. 
  • You perform this exercise by raising and lowering the body in a prone position using your arms. 
  • Push-ups are considered one of the most effective exercises that support the body’s balance while improving the central nervous system. 
  • Push-ups are also beneficial for your bones. 

Are the 8-Count Push-ups reasonable? This article will answer that.

Army PRT 8-Count Push-Ups Conditioning Drill

The 8-count push-up exercise combines the functional movements of the squat thrust and push-up to develop total body strength, endurance, and mobility.

Here’s how to perform it properly:

Starting Position: 

  • Start at the position of attention by standing tall with your feet shoulder-width apart, chest lifted, and shoulders pulled back.



How to do the 8 Count Push Up

  1. Count 1: Assume the squat position. Lower your body by bending your knees and pushing your hips back. Keep your torso upright and your hands in front of your chest.
  2. Count 2: Thrust your legs backward, shifting your weight onto your hands and extending your body into a high plank or front-leaning rest position.
  3. Count 3: Bend the elbows, lowering the body until the upper arms parallel the ground. Elbows should point to the rear.
  4. Count 4: Return to the front-leaning rest position (back up to the high plank position)
  5. Count 5: Repeat Count 3 (your hands to the ground beneath your shoulders ).
  6. Count 6: Perform a push-up by pressing your body off the ground and returning to the high plank or front-leaning rest position. Remember to keep your body straight from head to heels.
  7. Count 7: Bring your feet back towards your hands by jumping or stepping into the squat position.
  8. Count 8: Stand tall and return to the starting position of attention.
  • This completes one repetition—complete five to ten repetitions, maintaining proper form throughout.
  • Remember to control your movements, engage your core, and breathe regularly.

8-Count Push-Up Exercise
8-Count Push-Up Exercise

Check Points:

  • To keep the trunk from sagging, tighten the abdominal muscles in the starting position and maintain this contraction throughout the exercise.
  • On counts 1 through 7, the hands are directly below the shoulders with fingers spread and the middle fingers directed straight forward.
  • On counts 1 and 7, keep the heels together and raised.
  • On counts 4 and 6, straighten but do not lock the elbows.


  • Allowing the trunk to sag strains the back, especially on count 2. Avoid this by maintaining strong abdominal contractions throughout the exercise. 
  • If the push-up cannot be performed correctly on counts 2–6 to cadence, quickly assume the 6-point stance before count 3 and return to the front-leaning rest position just before performing count 7.

Normal Push-ups

Scientists point out the proper push-up steps are:

  • Put your hands on the ground with a straight body and eyes on the ground.
  • Inhale and tighten your abdominal muscles. Slowly lower your elbows to bring your chest toward the floor.
  • Pause for 1 or 2 seconds in a lowered position. Try to let your chin touch the ground lightly.
  • Exhale and use your arms to push your body back to the starting position slowly.

Track and follow these steps correctly, and you’ve got good push-ups, but there are a few small notes as below.

8 Count Push Up Tips

  • Place your hands correctly to avoid dislocation and broken hands.
  • Try to lower your back as much as possible. If you put your back high, it will not be effective when doing push-ups.
  • The 8-count push-up requires a slow pace; don’t be too quick in this exercise.
  • Control your breathing; don’t breathe hard.

Push-up Location, Suitable Accessories

You should choose a cool place, such as a gym or living room, a gym to do push-ups. 

In addition, you can try the following support items to help with 8-count push-ups:

  • Push-up device.
  • Carpet for push-ups.
  • Push-up bar.

Benefits of 8 Count Push Ups

Increase muscle strength

  • The 8-count push-up exercise is a combination exercise that can help practice multiple muscle groups simultaneously. 
  • Your chest, triceps, arm, and shoulder are also exercised with one movement. This saves time and energy when you don’t have to train each muscle group separately.
  • In addition, your abdominal and lower back muscles are practiced. This exercise will help your body balance during push-ups.

Improves general health

  • Push-ups act as an exercise that supports the body’s balance while improving the central nervous system, which is beneficial for strong bones and flexibility of the joints. 
  • In addition, it can also promote blood circulation and ligament growth.

Weight control

  • Whether you want to maintain your current weight or lose weight, exercising daily and doing push-ups, in particular, can help you reach your goals faster.
  • Push-ups are exercises that do not require additional equipment, quickly done anywhere. It is very convenient for burning fat.
  • In addition, exercises that can work multiple muscle groups simultaneously will burn more calories than exercises that only work one muscle group.

Increase bone density naturally.

  • Doing push-ups can help you re-energize quickly when you feel listless and tired. 
  • This exercise promotes blood circulation, releases energy, “awakens” the brain, and increases mental clarity, thereby working more effectively.


  • The 8-count push-ups are intense exercises that can be modified to fit your fitness level. 
  • Always ensure your form is correct to prevent injury and maximize the benefits of the exercise. 
  • If you need clarification on the form, consult a fitness professional.
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