Sustaining Phase PRT


As described in Chapter 2, the purpose of the sustaining phase is to develop a high level of physical readiness in Soldiers. Training results enable Soldiers to perform WTBDs and those physical tasks associated with the performance of their duty positions and operational missions. Soldiers in AIT, one station unit training (black and gold phases [B/G]), BOLC B, and Soldiers assigned to operational units are in the sustaining phase. The following PRT drills and activities are scheduled during the sustaining phase.

  • Preparation drill (PD).
  • 4 for the core (4C).
  • Hip stability drill (HSD).
  • Conditioning drills 1, 2, and 3 (CD 1, CD 2, and CD 3).
  • Climbing drills 1 and 2 (CL 1 and CL 2).
  • Guerrilla drill (GD).
  • Push-up and sit-up drill (PSD).
  • Strength training circuit (STC).
  • Military movement drills 1 and 2 (MMD 1 and 2).
  • 30:60s.
  • 60:120s.
  • Ability group run (AGR).
  • Release runs (RR).
  • Foot march with fighting load (FM-fl).
  • Foot march with approach march load (FM-aml).
  • Foot march with emergency approach march load (FM-eaml).
  • Terrain running (TR).
  • Hill repeats (HR).
  • 300-yard shuttle run (SR).
  • Conditioning obstacle course (CDOC).
  • Confidence obstacle courses (CFOC).
  • Combatives (CB).
  • Recovery drill (RD).

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