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Toughening Phase PRT**


As described in Chapter 2, the purpose of the toughening phase is to develop foundational fitness and fundamental skills. Soldiers in BCT, one station unit training (R/W/B phases), and BOLC A are in the toughening phase. The following PRT drills and activities are scheduled during the toughening phase:

  • Preparation drill (PD).
  • 4 for the core (4C).
  • Hip stability drill (HSD).
  • Conditioning drills 1 and 2 (CD 1 and CD 2).
  • Climbing drill 1 (CL 1).
  • Strength training circuit (STC).
  • Push-up and sit-up drill (PSD).
  • Military movement drill 1 (MMD1).
  • 30:60s.
  • 60:120s.
  • 300-yard shuttle run (SR).
  • Ability group run (AGR).
  • Release run (RR).
  • Foot march with fighting load (FM-fl).
  • Conditioning obstacle course (CDOC).
  • Confidence obstacle course (CFOC).
  • Combatives (CB).
  • Recovery drill (RD).
George N.