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Supine Position


To assume the supine position without using the hands, from the standing position, place one foot behind the other and slowly lower the body until the rear knee touches the ground. Sit back onto the buttocks and then lay on the back with feet and legs together (Figure 7-15). When returning to the standing position, sit up and rock forward on one knee. From this position, step up with the other leg and stand without using the hands for assistance (Figure 7-16).

Figure 7-15. Supine position

If the Soldier has difficulty assuming this position, he can place his hands on the ground as he slowly lower his body to the seated position (Figure 7-16). If he cannot attain the standing position without using his hands, he can place them on the ground to either side of his body and push up while standing from the seated position. To return to a standing position from the supine position, he performs the actions in reverse order (Figure 7-15).

Figure 7-16. Hands down assist to supine position
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