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ACFT Walk Standards 2024 (2.5 Mile)

ACFT Walk Event
ACFT Walk Event

The ACFT Walk is an alternative cardio event in the new Army Combat Fitness Test. It is a 2.5-mile walk that measures aerobic and leg muscle endurance.

ACFT walk standards refer to the minimum requirements to pass the 2.5-mile walk that’s part of the alternate events.

Other ACFT alternate events include the ACFT stationary bike, ACFT rowing, and Swimming events.

How to do the ACFT 2.5-mile walk?

The two-and-a-half-mile aerobic walk requires an ACFT Grader (NCOIC / OIC) for every three soldiers. In addition, a Timer and support personnel will help ensure proper control and safety. 

  • ACFT Grader (NCOIC / OIC): This person is responsible for supervising up to three soldiers performing the walk.
  • Timer and Support Personnel: They ensure the walk is carried out with proper control and safety.

On the command of the ACFT Grader (NCOIC / OIC), the clock will start with the Timer starting the stopwatch. Then, the soldier will begin walking at their own pace. 

One foot must always be in contact with the ground. If the soldier starts running or has both feet off the ground simultaneously, the Grader will terminate the soldier’s performance, and the soldier will receive a no-go.

The Timer will call out times in minutes and seconds as soldiers near the end of the two-and-a-half-mile walk.

The soldier must complete ten laps of the 2.5-mile track. The Grader will record the time for this event in the alternate acft scorecard block.

The soldier will receive 60 points for passing the age and gender ACFT Walk standard. Use the ACFT Calculator to calculate your overall score.

The ACFT walking event is for soldiers with permanent profiles who cannot perform the six regular ACFT Events:

  1. 3 Repetition Maximum Deadlift
  2. Standing Power Throw
  3. Hand-Release Push-up
  4. Sprint Drag Carry
  5. ACFT Plank
  6. 2 Mile Run (2MR)

ACFT Walk Scoring & Minimum Standard Requirements

A soldier successfully completing the walk in accordance with their age and gender standards is awarded 60 points.

The following table illustrates the ACFT Walk standards based on age and gender:

AgeMale Time
Female Time
17 to 2131:0034:00
21 to 2630:4533:30
27 to 3130:3033:00
32 to 3630:4033:30
37 to 4131:0034:00
42 t0 4631:0034:00
47 to 5132:0035:00
52 to 5632:0035:00
57 to 6133:0036:00
Over 6233:0036:00
ACFT Walk Standards

Preparation and Training

  • Consistent Training: Like any other event, consistent training will help build endurance and stamina. Incorporate brisk walking into your daily fitness routine.
  • Proper Footwear: Ensure you have comfortable and durable walking shoes that offer adequate support.
  • Walking Technique: Maintain an upright posture, use arms for momentum, and ensure proper heel-to-toe foot movement.
  • Pacing: Learn to manage and maintain a consistent pace to avoid tiring out too quickly. It’s not just about completing the walk; it’s about doing so within the stipulated time.
  • Breathing: Maintain steady breathing. Deep, consistent breaths can help maintain stamina and avoid cramps.

During the Event

  • Stay Hydrated: Before starting, ensure you’re well hydrated. However, avoid excessive water intake immediately before the walk to prevent cramps.
  • Stay Informed: Ensure you’re aware of the number of laps completed and adjust your pace accordingly, if needed.
  • Avoid Penalties: Remember, if you break into a run or have both feet off the ground simultaneously, the Grader will terminate your performance.

Post Event

  • Cool Down: After finishing, it’s essential to cool down. This could include slow walking and stretching to prevent muscle stiffness.
  • Feedback: Discuss your performance with the Grader or peers to understand areas for improvement.

Other Miscellaneous Tips

  • Know the Track: Familiarize yourself with the walking track before the event. Knowing any elevations or uneven surfaces can help you strategize.
  • Weather Considerations: Depending on the time of year, dress appropriately. Remember, cold weather can tighten muscles, while hot weather can lead to quicker fatigue.
  • Stay Motivated: While it’s an alternate event, it’s still part of the ACFT. Stay motivated and aim to improve your time with each attempt.

ACFT 2.5 Walk Standards Questions

How long is the walk for the ACFT?

2.5 Miles

Can you walk during the ACFT?

Yes, in the ACFT 2.5 Mile Walk (An alternate ACFT event),

What are the other ACFT Alternate events?

Stationary Bike (12 KM)
Rowing (5KM)
Swimming (1KM

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