Acft Alternate Events

If a soldier in the United States Army has some injury that is not serious enough to get them kicked out of the army, they go on a permanent profile. 

However, they still have to complete the army combat fitness test; these are alternate events that they have to do. So in this post, I will discuss these ACFT alternate events.

Even with the previous Army Physical Fitness Test, you still had an alternate event for permanent profile individuals that they had to do.

You still had to do the push-ups and situps, but you had a walk instead of doing the two-mile run. So you would walk, and you had a different time standard for the time you needed to finish this walk-in to be able to pass the test.

With the ACFT standards 2023 having six events, some of those events will be very difficult for individuals with permanent profiles that don’t limit them from doing their army job and don’t require them to get kicked out of the army.

They have to limit that down to three events. So, soldiers on a permanent profile have three events they will be required to complete.

Two of those three events that someone on a permanent profile must complete are still the same two that other soldiers must complete: the ACFT deadlift and ACFT sprint drag carry.

You still need to be able to do those two. If you can’t do those two, you’ll probably get chaptered out of the army. But if you can, then those two ACFT events are what you have to be able to do. 

You’ll then have to do some aerobic alternative ACFT events. There are three different aerobic events that you can do.

Now, a swim was one of the alternate events for the APFT test too, but I’ve never seen anybody get to do the swim as an alternative. The most common one was the two-mile walk.

Let’s discuss the minimum standards required to pass those three aerobic events for individuals on permanent profiles.

  • The stationary bike is going to require them to do 15,000 meters. 
  • On the stationary rowing machine, they will need to do 5,000 meters.
  • If they’re lucky enough to get to do the swim, well, they have to do 1,000 meters.

Now, the requirement to pass any of those three events requires you to do whichever event you’re doing, the length you’ll need to do it in, in 25 minutes or less.

It’s worth noting that when you transition from the deadlift to the sprint drag carry and then to the aerobic event, you must do so in 10 minutes or less.

Therefore, the rowing machine, the exercise bike, or the swimming pool should be close to avoid going over the 10-minute rest time between doing that last event and going to do the alternate event.

Those are the three acft standards alternate events that individuals in a permanent profile must complete. As I said, you must do the distance in 25 minutes or less. Then, you have to transition over that in less than 10 minutes.

So if they pass the sprint drag carry, deadlift, and then whichever alternate event they’re doing of the aerobic event, they will pass the army combat fitness test.

Those are the three events for the alternate events of the ACFT. So it’s much shorter than someone who has to do the six events. 

But this is what someone who is injured and has a permanent profile has to do for them not to be kicked out of the army or get medically chaptered.

Many of my readers wanted to know their alternate events because they may be aware of the alternate events for the PT test, the Army APFT.

If there are other things you want to know about the ACFT, whatever it may be, if you leave those questions down in the comments section, I’ll try to answer them.