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New Army ACFT Score Calculator 2023

The new ACFT calculator is a tool the United States Army uses to calculate a soldier’s overall physical fitness performance during their annual Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT).

  • The ACFT, the Army’s new physical fitness test, replaces the previous Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) and reflects the physical demands of modern combat. 
  • ACFT measures a soldier’s physical fitness and readiness for combat.

The new Army Combat Fitness Test calculator replaced the old APFT calculator in October 2020 after the introduction of ACFT.

  • As of April 1, 2023, the ACFT test is now mandatory for all US Army soldiers. 
  • The new Army ACFT score calculator calculates the overall performance of the soldier, taking into account their age and gender.

New ACFT Standards Points Calculator

The ACFT test has six events to test a soldier’s strength, agility, and endurance, among other physical skills required for combat.

The ACFT points calculator takes into account the six events included in the ACFT test, which are as follows:

  • Maximum Deadlift (MDL)
  • Hand Release Push-Up (HRP)
  • Standing Power Throw (SPT)
  • Plank Hold (PLK)
  • 2-Mile Run (2MR)
  • Sprint Drag Carry (SDC)

The calculator will help soldiers calculate their ACFT scores; it considers each event’s results and produces a final score. 

  • This score determines a soldier’s fitness level and potential ACFT promotion points. 

The New Army ACFT Calculator is relatively easy to use, includes the latest standards, and ensures that soldiers receive an accurate score.

Army Combat Fitness Test Calculator

ACFT Scoring Calculator

What are the ACFT standards calculator scores?

  • The minimum points required to pass each ACFT event are 60 points, while the maximum is 100.
  • This means the minimum score you can get to pass the Army Combat Fitness Test is 360, while the maximum score is 600, which is perfect.

Below are the maximum and minimum overall scores by age and gender. Use the New Army ACFT Score Chart as a reference point for total scores for the six ACFT events.

Age RangeMaximum Score
(Male & Female)
Minimum Score
(Male & Female)
ACFT Standards Calculator 2023

Benefits of the ACFT Score Calculator 2022

  • The ACFT standards have been updated in the new Army calculator, ensuring soldiers get an accurate score.
  • As of October 2022, the ACFT Army Standards are based on a soldier’s age and gender.
  • Considering a soldier’s military occupational specialty (MOS) no longer applies in the new ACFT changes

Specific Event Standards:

  • One of the benefits of the scoring calculator is that it considers the specific standards for each ACFT event.

Promotion Point Calculation:

  • Another benefit of the new army scoring calculator is calculating the soldier’s ACFT promotion points.

Comparison with Previous Tests:

  • The ACFT Score Calculator 2023 provides a more accurate score than the Army Physical Fitness Test calculator, which assumes the same standards across age and gender.

Continuous Updates:

  • The ACFT standards calculator has been updated since October 2022 and will continue to be updated.
  • The ACFT standards are subject to change as the Army continues to refine the test.

Tracking and Visualization:

  • The score calculator helps soldiers track their progress regularly.
  • Soldiers can input scores from previous ACFT event tests and track how well they have improved and where to focus their training and workout.
  • The ACFT Score Chart Calculator also visually shows a soldier’s progress, encouraging them to keep working toward their goals.

Alignment with Army Changes:

  • The Army keeps making changes to the ACFT, and the ACFT Calculator will also be updated to ensure that soldiers get the correct score to align with these changes.