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New Army ACFT Scorecard 2024 – DA Form 705

ACFT Scorecard
ACFT Scorecard

An Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) Scorecard is a document or record that displays a soldier’s scores for each event in the ACFT.

  • It is an official document that records the Army Combat Fitness Test results.
  • The ACFT scorecard will record the soldier’s performance in the ACFT test and display the ACFT scores for each event.
  • Use the ACFT scoring calculator to determine your overall score.

This ACFT card provides a standardized way of tracking a soldier’s performance across various fitness ACFT Test events, which ensures consistency in assessing physical readiness across the Army.

  • It’s an essential document for soldiers, trainers, and leadership as it helps gauge a soldier’s fitness levels and readiness for deployment.
  • The Army Scorecard has sections to record scores for the six events of the ACFT: the 3-Repetition Maximum Deadlift, Standing Power Throw, Hand-Release Push-Up, Sprint-Drag-Carry, Leg Tuck, and the 2-mile run.

Number of tests

  • The ACFT is taken twice a year for active-duty army soldiers or once a year as a member of the Army Reserve or Army National Guard.
  • The ACFT Scorecard tracks all tests a soldier takes and their respective performance. 

DA Form 705 Difference

  • The DA Form 705 is the official title of the Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard
  • Before implementing the ACFT, the APFT was the official fitness test in the Army.
  • The DA Form 705 was used to record a soldier’s APFT results and scores.
DA Form 705 Scorecard
DA Form 705 Scorecard

Army Combat Fitness Test Scorecard Components

The Army Combat Fitness Test Scorecard has the following information:

Personal Details: 

  • The ACFT Scorecard has personal information such as the soldier’s name, rank, age, unit, and gender.

Event Scores: 

The scorecard has distinct sections for each of the six ACFT events:

  • 3-Repetition Maximum Deadlift
  • Standing Power Throw
  • Hand-Release Push-Up
  • Sprint-Drag-Carry
  • Plank
  • 2-Mile Run

Total ACFT Score:

  • Each ACFT event has a minimum standard requirement, and the Scorecard is a comprehensive view of how a soldier performed in each event.
  • The card has an aggregate score from all test events, which provides an overall measure of the soldier’s performance.

Details of the Evaluator:

  • The ACFT card has information about the person evaluating the soldier’s ACFT test, including their name and rank.

A Comments Section:

  • The comment section is for adding notes or unique circumstances observed during the Army Combat Fitness Test.

In summary, these are the ACFT Card components:

  • Name & Gender
  • Unit & Location
  • Soldier’s name and identification number
  • Date of the test
  • Scores for the required events (6 in total): Deadlift, Standing Power Throw, Hand-Release Push-Ups, Sprint-Drag-Carry, Leg Tuck, and 2-Mile Run
  • Total score
  • Pass/Fail status.

Logging and reviewing test results

  • Tracking Progress: Please review your ACFT Scorecard regularly to track your improvements over time.
  • Seeking Guidance: Please use the feedback from your test instructors and peers to pinpoint areas you may need to improve before the next Fitness Test.

Key features of DA Form 705

The following are the features of DA Form 705:

APFT Test Record

  • DA Form 705 was used for the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), which consists of push-ups, sit-ups, and a 2-mile run.

APFT Scores

  • DA Form 705 allows recording raw scores, points for each event, and total aggregate scores.

Personal Details

  • DA Form 705 has a section for a soldier’s personal information, such as rank, age, and unit.


  • This form provides a unique record for soldiers and their unit leader to track fitness over time and ensure that Army fitness standards are met.

Comment Section

  • Like the ACFT Scorecard, DA Form 705 has a comment section for any anomalies or exceptional circumstances observed during the test.

Benefits of the ACFT Scorecard

Army ACFT scorecards have several advantages, as follows:

Standard Record-Keeping: The Scorecard is a uniform record-keeping platform for all soldiers; it ensures the Army evaluates all soldiers using the same criteria.

Tracks Progress: It helps soldiers who retake the ACFT track improvements or areas needing focus over time.

Career Development: Good ACFT scores can contribute to promotions or selection for specific duties. 

  • The ACFT card provides an official record of these achievements.

Aids Training: The Scorecard helps commanders identify unit-wide training needs using aggregated data from their units’ scorecards.

What New Soldiers Need to Know About ACFT


  • The ACFT is a test for maintaining good physical fitness; however, continuous daily training through Army PRT exercises is important.


  • Ensure your performance is honest and above board, as this is essential for maintaining the Army’s standards of integrity.


  • Review your scorecard with your unit leaders and test instructors to identify areas for improvement.


  • If you’re unsatisfied with your scores, train and improve them in the next test cycle.

Stay Updated: 

Scorecard Storage: 

  • Keep your Scorecards safe; they are official record documents and may be used in administrative processes.

DA Form 705 & ACFT ScoreCard Downloads

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