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ACFT Equipment List 2024

ACFT Equipment refers to the tools needed for the Army ACFT fitness assessment. The equipment measures the strength, endurance, and power of soldiers.

  • The Army Combat Fitness Test evaluates a soldier’s fitness in terms of their physical readiness for combat and various military tasks. 
  • To pass the ACFT, a soldier must meet the ACFT Scoring Standards, which are at least 60 points for each ACFT event, and use the ACFT Calculator 2023 to calculate your overall score.
  • The equipment used in this test is specialized to measure various physical capabilities such as strength, endurance, and power. 
  • Each piece of ACFT equipment has been meticulously chosen to test these capabilities and mimic real-world scenarios that soldiers might face on the battlefield.
  • What about the ACFT promotion points 2024? The ACFT contributes a total of 120 promotion points.

Let’s delve deeper into each of these items and their purpose:

Primary ACFT Equipment List

Tape Measure

  • Purpose: We will use tape measures to gauge the distance a soldier can throw in the Standing Power Throw event. 
  • This measures a soldier’s ability to project power, which can be vital in tasks like throwing equipment over an obstacle.

Trap Bar/Hex Bar

  • Purpose: Central to the Maximum Deadlift Event, we use the hex bar to evaluate a soldier’s lower body and back strength.
  • Deadlifting is a foundational movement that mimics the action of lifting heavy equipment or a fellow soldier during combat.

Medicine Ball

  • Purpose: We use medicine balls in the standing power throw to measure the ability to generate upper-body power from a standing position. 
  • The distance a soldier can throw this weighted ball provides insights into their explosive power from a standing position.

Weight Plates

  • Weight plates are versatile components that we use in various events.
  • Different weights simulate the diverse equipment soldiers might handle in real-world scenarios.
    • Maximum Deadlift Event: Demonstrates the ability to handle heavy loads.
    • Hand-release Push-ups Event: Evaluate endurance as soldiers push themselves off the ground.
    • Standing Power Throw Event: Used to increase difficulty, testing explosive strength.


  • Purpose: In the Sprint Drag Carry event, we use kettlebells to simulate casualties or equipment that soldiers might need to transport rapidly during combat.
  • This event tests agility, speed, and functional strength.

Resistance Bands

  • Purpose: Primarily used for warm-up, these bands prepare muscles for exertion during the standing power throw event, aiding in injury prevention and peak performance.
  • A proper warm-up is crucial for preventing injuries and ensuring that soldiers perform at their peak.


  • Purpose: A crucial tool to time the 2-mile run event and Plank event, this device evaluates the soldier’s cardiovascular endurance and stamina.


  • Purpose: Used in the Sprint-Drag-Carry event, the sled simulates the weight and resistance a soldier might face when pulling a wounded comrade to safety.

Cone Markers

  • Purpose: Essential for marking boundaries and distances in events, particularly in the Sprint-Drag-Carry event, to delineate turn-around points.

Supplementary Equipment and Tools

Scoring Chart/Device

  • A vital tool to record each soldier’s performance, ensuring that they are evaluated fairly and consistently against the established benchmarks. 
  • This scoring device helps to determine if soldiers are meeting, exceeding, or falling short of the Army’s physical standards.

Detailed ACFT Events and Equipment Table

EventEquipment UsedEvaluate cardiovascular endurance and stamina.
Standing Power ThrowTape Measure, Medicine Ball, Resistance BandsMeasures explosive power and the ability to project force.
Maximum Deadlift EventTrap Bar/Hex Bar, Weight PlatesEvaluates lower body and back strength.
Leg TuckPull-up Bar, Resistance BandsAssesses core strength and grip endurance.
Hand Release Push-upsWeight PlatesDetermines upper body strength and endurance.
Sprint Drag CarryKettlebells, Sled, Cone MarkersTests agility, speed, and functional strength.
2-mile runStopwatchEvaluates cardiovascular endurance and stamina.
ACFT Equipment List

The ACFT’s multifaceted equipment list underscores the Army’s commitment to ensuring its soldiers are ready for the diverse challenges of modern combat. 

Each tool is chosen with a precise intent, ensuring that when a soldier passes the ACFT, they are truly ready for the rigors of military duty.

George N.