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Army MOS List 2023 & 2024

Army Military Occupational Specialty
Soldier in a Lab

An Army MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) list is a comprehensive list of all the various job titles and roles available to soldiers in the United States Army. 

Highlighted below is a comprehensive list of all the occupational specialties in the military, with specific codes and titles corresponding to the duties and responsibilities of that position. 

This list provides a way for individuals to understand the different career opportunities within the Army and to identify which roles they may be interested in pursuing based on their skills, interests, and qualifications.

The MOS list is categorized and listed in table format. The listed MOS have their respective codes, titles, and minimum ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) scores required for eligibility.

This list of military occupational specialties list is continually updated to reflect changes in the Army’s needs and the development of new roles and technologies.

In addition to your MOS, you can enhance your education and training in the military by taking Additional Skill Identifiers (ASI) and Skill Qualification Identifiers (SQI).

Check the comprehensive Army ASI list and Army SQI list to learn more about these skills and qualifications.

Army MOS List 2024 Table

Interpreter / Translator (MOS 09)

Here’s a table containing the categories, MOS numbers and codes, MOS names, and minimum ASVAB scores:

MOS NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 09LInterpreter/Translator50 (ST)

Infantry (MOS 11)

Here’s a table containing the categories, MOS numbers, MOS names, and minimum ASVAB scores:

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 11BInfantryman90 (CO)
MOS 11CIndirect Fire Infantryman90 (CO)

Construction & Engineering (MOS 12)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 12BCombat Engineer90 (CO)
MOS 12CBridge Crewmember90 (CO)
MOS 12DDiver110 (ST)
MOS 12GQuarrying Specialist90 (GM)
MOS 12HConstruction Engineering Supervisor90 (GM)
MOS 12KPlumber90 (GM)
MOS 12MFirefighter90 (GM)
MOS 12NHorizontal Construction Engineer90 (GM)
MOS 12PPrime Power Production Specialist110 (ST)
MOS 12QPower Line Distribution Specialist90 (GM)
MOS 12RInterior Electrician90 (GM)
MOS 12TTechnical Engineer100 (ST)
MOS 12VConcrete & Asphalt Equipment Operator90 (GM)
MOS 12WCarpentry & Masonry Specialist90 (GM)
MOS 12YGeospatial Engineer100 (ST)

Field Artillery (MOS 13)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 13BCannon Crewmember90 (CO)
MOS 13FFire Support Specialist90 (CO)
MOS 13JFire Control Specialist90 (CO)
MOS 13MMultiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Crewmember90 (CO)
MOS 13RField Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator90 (CO)

Air & Missile Defense (MOS 14)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 14EPatriot Fire Control Enhanced Operator/Maintainer90 (CO)
MOS 14GAir Defense Battle Management System Operator90 (CO)
MOS 14HAir Defense Enhanced Early Warning System Operator90 (CO)
MOS 14PAir and Missile Defense (AMD) Crewmember90 (CO)
MOS 14SAvenger Crewmember90 (CO)

Transportation & Aviation (MOS 15)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 15BAircraft Powerplant Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 15DAircraft Powertrain Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 15EUnmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 15FAircraft Electrician100 (MM)
MOS 15GAircraft Structural Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 15HAircraft Pneudraulics Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 15JOH-58D Armament/Electrical/Avionic Systems Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 15KAircraft Components Repair Supervisor100 (MM)
MOS 15MUH-60 Helicopter Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 15NAvionic Mechanic100 (MM)
MOS 15PAviation Operations Specialist100 (MM)
MOS 15QAir Traffic Control Operator100 (MM)
MOS 15RAH-64 Attac Helicopter Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 15SOH-58D/ARH Helicopter Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 15TUH-60 Helicopter Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 15UCH-47 Helicopter Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 15VObservation/Scout Helicopter Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 15WUnmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator100 (MM)
MOS 15YAH-64D Armament/Electrical/Avionic Systems Repairer100 (MM)

Cyber Warfare (MOS 17)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 17CCyber Operations Specialist110 (ST)
Electronic Warfare Specialist
110 (ST)

Special Operations (MOS 18)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 18BSpecial Forces Weapons Sergeant110 (GT)
MOS 18CSpecial Forces Engineer Sergeant110 (GT)
MOS 18DSpecial Forces Medical Sergeant110 (GT)
MOS 18ESpecial Forces Communications Sergeant110 (GT)
MOS 18FSpecial Forces Intelligence Sergeant110 (GT)

Armor (MOS 19)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 19DCavalry Scout90 (CO)
MOS 19KM1 Armor Crewman90 (CO)

Signal Corps (MOS 25)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 25BInformation Technology Specialist100 (GT)
MOS 25CRadio Operator-Maintainer100 (EL)
MOS 25DCyber Network Defender110 (ST)
MOS 25EElectromagnetic Spectrum Manager100 (SC)
MOS 25FNetwork Switching Systems Operator-Maintainer100 (EL)
MOS 25LCable Systems Installer-Maintainer100 (EL)
MOS 25MMultimedia Illustrator100 (EL)
MOS 25NNodal Network Systems Operator-Maintainer100 (SC)
MOS 25PMicrowave Systems Operator-Maintainer100 (EL)
MOS 25QMultichannel Transmission Systems Operator-Maintainer100 (EL)
MOS 25RVisual Information Equipment Operator-Maintainer100 (EL)
MOS 25SSatellite Communication Systems Operator-Maintainer100 (EL)
MOS 25USignal Support Systems Specialist100 (EL)
MOS 25VCombat Documentation/Production Specialist100 (EL)
MOS 25WTelecommunications Operations Chief100 (SC)
MOS 25XSenior Signal Sergeant100 (SC)
MOS 25ZVisual Information Operations Chief100 (EL)

JAG Corps (MOS 27)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 27AJudge Advocate
110 (ST)
MOS 27BParalegal Specialist
110 (ST)

Electronic Warfare (MOS 29)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 29EElectronic Warfare Specialist100 (EL)

Military Police (MOS 35)

MOS NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 31BMilitary Police100 (ST)
MOS 31EInternment/Resettlement Specialist100 (ST)

Intelligence (MOS 35)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 31BMilitary Police100 (ST)
MOS 31EInternment/Resettlement Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 35FIntelligence Analyst100 (ST)
MOS 35GGeospatial Intelligence Imagery Analyst100 (ST)
MOS 35LCounterintelligence Agent100 (ST)
MOS 35MHuman Intelligence Collector100 (ST)
MOS 35NSignals Intelligence Analyst100 (ST)
MOS 35PCryptologic Linguist100 (ST)
MOS 35QCryptologic Network Warfare Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 35SSignals Collector/Analyst100 (ST)
MOS 35TMilitary Intelligence Systems Maintainer/Integrator100 (EL)

Financial Management (Field 36)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 36BPsychological Operations Specialist100 (ST)

Psych Ops (MOS 37)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 37FFinancial Management Technician100 (ST)

Civil Affairs (MOS 38)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 38BCivil Affairs Specialist100 (ST)

Adjutant General’s Corps (MOS 42)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 42AHuman Resources Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 42BHuman Resources Officer100 (ST)

Public Affairs (MOS 46)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 46QPublic Affairs Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 46RPublic Affairs Broadcast Specialist100 (ST)

Acquisition Corps (MOS 51)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 51CContract and Industrial Management Specialist100 (ST)

Chaplain (MOS 56)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 56ACommand and Unit ChaplainNot Applicable
MOS 56BChaplain Assistant100 (ST)

Medical CMF (MOS 68)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 68ABiomedical Equipment Specialist100 (EL)
MOS 68BOrthopedic Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68CPractical Nursing Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68DOperating Room Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68EDental Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68FPhysical Therapy Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68GPatient Administration Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68HOptical Laboratory Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68JMedical Logistics Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68KMedical Laboratory Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68LOccupational Therapy Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68MNutrition Care Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68NCardiovascular Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68PRadiology Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68QPharmacy Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68RVeterinary Food Inspection Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68SPreventive Medicine Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68TAnimal Care Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68UEar, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68VRespiratory Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68WHealth Care Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68XBehavioral Health Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 68YEye Specialist100 (ST)

Recruiting & Retention (MOS 79)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 79RRecruiter Noncommissioned Officer100 (ST)
MOS 79SCareer Counselor100 (ST)

Transportation (MOS 88)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 88HCargo Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 88KWatercraft Operator100 (ST)
MOS 88LWatercraft Engineer100 (ST)
MOS 88MMotor Transport Operator100 (ST)
MOS 88NTransportation Management Coordinator100 (ST)
MOS 88PRailway Equipment Repairer100 (ST)
MOS 88TRailway Section Repairer100 (ST)
MOS 88URailway Operations Crewmember100 (ST)

Ammunition (MOS 89)

MOS List NumberMOS Name
Minimum ASVAB Score
MOS 89AAmmunition Stock Control and Accounting Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 89BAmmunition Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 89DExplosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Specialist100 (ST)

Mechanical Maintenance (MOS 91)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 91AM1 Abrams Tank System Maintainer100 (MM)
MOS 91BWheeled Vehicle Mechanic100 (MM)
MOS 91CUtilities Equipment Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 91DPower Generation Equipment Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 91EAllied Trade Specialist100 (MM)
MOS 91FSmall Arms/Artillery Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 91GFire Control Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 91HTrack Vehicle Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 91JQuartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 91LConstruction Equipment Repairer100 (MM)
MOS 91MBradley Fighting Vehicle System Maintainer100 (MM)
MOS 91PArtillery Mechanic100 (MM)
MOS 91SStryker Systems Maintainer100 (MM)

Quartermaster Corps (MOS 92)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 92AAutomated Logistical Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 92FPetroleum Supply Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 92GCulinary Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 92LPetroleum Laboratory Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 92MMortuary Affairs Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 92RParachute Rigger100 (ST)
MOS 92SShower/Laundry and Clothing Repair Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 92WWater Treatment Specialist100 (ST)
MOS 92YUnit Supply Specialist100 (ST)

Electronic & Missile Maintenance (MOS 94)

MOS List NumberMOS NameMinimum ASVAB Score
MOS 94ALand Combat Electronic Missile System Repairer100 (EL)
MOS 94DAir Traffic Control Equipment Repairer100 (EL)
MOS 94ERadio and Communications Security (COMSEC) Repairer100 (EL)
MOS 94FComputer/Detection Systems Repairer100 (EL)
MOS 94HTest, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Maintenance Support Specialist100 (EL)
MOS 94MRadar Repairer100 (EL)
MOS 94PMultiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Repairer100 (EL)
MOS 94RAvionic and Survivability Equipment Repairer100 (EL)
MOS 94SPATRIOT System Repairer100 (EL)
MOS 94TAVENGER System Repairer100 (EL)
MOS 94YIntegrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE) Operator and Maintainer100 (EL)

Please note that the minimum ASVAB scores in the Army MOS List are approximate and may vary slightly depending on the specific requirements of each MOS. It is important to consult with a recruiter to get the most accurate information for each MOS.

Army MOS List 2024: Choosing an Army MOS

What should you think about when picking an Army MOS? I want to make a short post to give you guys an idea of what you should be thinking about before you choose an MOS, and it comes down to a few things.

  • ASVAB score:
    • Get a high enough score to qualify for multiple MOSs.
    • The better the score, the more MOSs you get to pick from.
  • Personal enjoyment:
    • Figure out which MOS you’re going to enjoy doing during your enlistment.
    • Don’t focus only on future civilian benefits.
  • Post-Army plans:
    • Determine if the MOS is something you want to utilize after your service.
    • Remember that plans can change over time.

Army MOS List: The Importance of Enjoying Your Army MOS

I always tell people to pick an MOS they will enjoy doing. But, unfortunately, all too often, people wrap their heads around picking an MOS that will benefit them when they leave the Army.

Because I’ve learned that most companies only care about one thing, and that’s the fact that you have military experience on your resume. 

They know that you’re hardworking, that you can follow orders, and that you’re dependable, among other things. 

Sure, some MOSs will benefit you when you get out, especially if you have security clearances or various certifications and licenses that will transfer to the civilian world.

  • Companies value military experience on your resume.
  • Certifications and security clearances can be beneficial but not essential.
  • Focus on enjoying your MOS during your service.

I compiled a list of the best army mos jobs; these MOSs are favorable for soldiers transitioning to civilian life.

Taking Advantage of Army Opportunities

When you get out of the Army, guess what? You have a free college education available to you.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I left the Army. I was Motor T and thought about getting my CDL and driving a truck for the rest of my life. But I realized I didn’t want to do that. 

So, I opted to go to college full-time. My college cost $40,000 a year, but it was all paid for by the Army. As a result, I didn’t have to pay a dime out of my pocket. Instead, I got a monthly housing allowance of $1,800 to cover my bills.

So, you can join the Army, pick an MOS you’ll enjoy doing, and when you get out, you can figure out your life afterward. Such as getting a degree in whatever you want to do. You don’t need to be an MP to become a cop; you can become a cop regardless of your MOS.

  • Free college education after leaving the Army
  • Pursue a degree in any field, regardless of your MOS

Picking an Army MOS: Contract and Community Advice

When you pick an MOS, ensure you get it in writing and in your contract. You want to avoid getting an open contract because you’ll get thrown into whatever job the Army needs you for.

  • Ensure your chosen MOS is in writing and part of your contract.
  • Avoid open contracts, as you may be placed in any job the Army needs.
  • Engage with online communities for advice and support (e.g., Discord).


  • Pick an MOS you will enjoy during your service.
  • Take advantage of educational opportunities after leaving the Army Corps
  • Get your chosen MOS in writing as part of your contract
  • Utilize online communities for support and advice
George N.