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11B MOS Infantryman (11 Bravo) 2024

An 11 Bravo is an infantryman, and their specialty is land combat. 

11B MOS refers to the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code for an infantryman in the US Army. They are the army’s backbone and are responsible for engaging in land combat.

11 Bravo MOS Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Serving as a member of a fire team during drills and combat
  • Operating weapons and equipment, such as rifles, machine guns, and grenades
  • Assisting in reconnaissance missions
  • Aiding in the mobilization of vehicles, troops, and weaponry
  • Employing defensive and offensive tactics to engage with and defeat enemy forces
  • Participating in security operations to protect personnel and resources
  • Providing support during humanitarian aid and disaster relief missions

The requirements to become an 11B infantryman 

  1. Enlistment in the US Army
  2. Complete high school or the GED equivalent.
  3. Achieve a minimum score of 90 in the Combat Operations (CO) section of the ASVAB test. The CO section consists of Word Knowledge (WK), Paragraph Comprehension (PC), Auto and Shop Information (AS), and Mechanical Comprehension (MC) subtests.
  4. Complete one-station unit training (OSUT) at Fort Benning, Georgia. OSUT combines Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) and currently lasts 22 weeks.
  5. Meet the US Army’s physical fitness standards and medical requirements.
  6. Have US citizenship or permanent residency status.

As far as the training that goes into being an 11 Bravo, that means attending OSUT, which stands for One Station Unit Training. It’s a combination of basic training and AIT that many other MOSs must do. OSUT for 11 Bravos is held at Fort Benning, Georgia, and is 14 weeks long.

But starting in 2019, it’ll move to 22 weeks and be only available to active duty and the National Guard, not the Army reserves.

Duration of OSUT training over the years

YearDuration of OSUT (weeks)

Note: The graph can display the duration of OSUT training on the Y-axis and years on the X-axis, with the duration of OSUT increasing from 14 weeks to 22 weeks starting in 2019.

11 Bravo Infantryman Security clearance considerations

Initial entry into the 11 Bravo MOS does not require a security clearance. Still, there are jobs as an 11 Bravo, maybe later in a soldier’s career, requiring that individual to obtain a security clearance. 

11B MOS ASVAB score requirements 

As far as the ASVAB requirements for 11 Bravo go, it will require an individual to score at least 90 in the combat section. Now the combat section comprises word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, auto and shop comprehension, and mechanical comprehension.

SectionASVAB SubtestsMinimum Score Required
Combat (CO)Word Knowledge (WK)90
 Paragraph Comprehension (PC) 
 Auto and Shop Information (AS) 
 Mechanical Comprehension (MC) 

Life as an 11 Bravo

The daily routine of an infantryman: I was not an 11 Bravo, but I have several friends that were 11 Bravos, and one of the biggest gripes they usually have is that you’re only doing the high-speed combat stuff if you’re in the field or if you’re deployed. 

Deployments and field training: If you’re not in the field or deployed, then you don’t have a job to do, so you get stuck maybe doing a little training here and there; otherwise, you’re doing stuff like mopping floors, picking up trash, and whatever else they can try to keep you busy with. So be aware of that as well.

11B Infantryman Career Progression and Opportunities

From the 11 Bravo MOS, there are a lot of people who either choose to stay in for 20 years and retire from the army or maybe do four or five years, whatever, and then get out and maybe get some job in law enforcement, security, or just using those tactics and knowledge they learned as an 11 Bravo to apply that to some other career outside of the civilian world.

Popular career paths for 11 Bravo Veterans

  • Law Enforcement
  • Security
  • Private Military Contractor
  • Emergency Management
  • Firefighter

Tips for Success as an 11 Bravo 

  • Physical fitness and mental toughness 
  • Adapting to military life 
  • Networking and mentorship opportunities

In conclusion, becoming an 11 Bravo infantryman in the US military is a challenging but rewarding career. It requires dedication, physical fitness, and strong mental fortitude. 

George N.