Basic Officer Leader Courses


The training program in BOLC A brings Soldiers up to a level of physical readiness that prepares them for the rigors of BOLC B. Cadets and officer candidates report to BOLC A at various levels of physical readiness and ability. During the first weeks of training, the focus is on progressive training of the whole body. It is recommended that Soldiers in BOLC A perform toughening phase activities during PRT sessions. Soldiers in BOLC B transition to performing sustaining phase activities during PRT sessions. To minimize the risk of injury, Soldiers perform exercises precisely and the intensity progresses gradually.

Commanders should evaluate each new Soldier who falls below the BOLC A standard and give special assistance to improve deficiencies. Again, more PRT is not necessarily better. Instructors emphasize quality of the training, not quantity of exercises performed. Commanders and PRT leaders need to realize that it takes at least six to eight weeks to begin positive changes in physical fitness levels; therefore, some Soldiers may require additional time to make the improvements required to meet Army standards.

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