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New Navy PRT Standards 2024 | Fitness Requirements

Navy PRT stands for the Navy Physical Readiness Test, which is the physical fitness test of the United States Navy.

From a macro perspective, the Navy will require that the pushup portion be done first, followed by the plank portion done second, followed by the run. 

This makes sense because if you’re doing an upper body shoulder workout such as pushups, you might have to mitigate that more, I would say, by putting that on the front end, which I thought everyone knew the Navy was probably going to do based on the fatigue of your muscles, and then going into the plank where you can hold that one out a little bit easier. 

If you fail the plank portion of this cycle, which I find almost impossible given how long the plank is, you will be okay with saying that you failed the fitness test for this cycle. 

However, if you fail the pushups, the run, or the alternative cardio, you will fail overall because they won’t let you waive that, even though this is one new portion of the test. 

Navy PRT Alternate Cardio Options

For the Navy, you take two fitness tests a year, and if you pass the first one with an excellent or higher, you are waived from the second one.

If you are just a regular person who works out occasionally, maintains your weight, and eats right, it’s not hard to get excellent.

Whenever you go to boot camp, your only option is to run on the Navy physical readiness test, but once you graduate boot camp and you go out into the fleet, you don’t have to run; you have alternate cardio options.

Alternate options have a variety of minimum standards that a sailor must get to pass the Navy PRT test; Navy bike standards, Navy row standards, and Navy swim standards.

This makes it easier for sailors who are not good runners or prefer to avoid running long distances.

Navy PRT Score Standards

The Navy Prt score chart has five scoring categories: Outstanding, Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, and Probationary.

There are high, medium, and low levels within the outstanding, excellent, and good categories. Satisfactory has high and medium. Probationary is the lowest category and has no additional level. 

Performance LevelDescription
OUTSTANDINGPerformance is above or equal to the top 10 percentile. 
EXCELLENTExcellent: Performance is above or equal to the 25 percentile but less than Outstanding.
GOODPerformance is above or equal to the lowest 25 percentile but less than Excellent.
SATISFACTORY/PROBATIONARYPerformance in the bottom 25 percentile but above the lowest 10th percentile.
FAILUREPerformance in lowest 10 percentile.
PARTIAL PASSThis Navy Prt scoring is used by prims to indicate that the sailor passed the BCA but was authorized a non-participation status for the prt.
BCA PASSThis Navy Prt scoring used by prims to indicate that the sailor passed the BCA but was authorized a non-participation status for the prt.

Navy height and weight chart

Navy Prt Standards Female

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