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Navy PRT Bike Calculator 2023

The Navy PRT (Physical Readiness Test) Bike Calculator is a calculator used by the Navy during the Navy PRT Standards test. It calculates the calories burned during the Navy PRT bike standards test.

Sailor, if you’re considering the bike for your Physical Readiness Test (PRT), then understanding the Navy PRT Bike Calculator is crucial.

  • This event is not just about pedaling away; instead, it’s about meeting and surpassing standards set by the Navy.

This guide will give a comprehensive view of the Navy Bike Calculator, how it works, and the best way to use it as a sailor in the Navy.

What is the Navy PRT Bike Calculator?

The Navy PRT Bike Calculator is a tool the United States Navy uses to calculate the estimated VO2 max of service members who take the stationary bike for their cardiovascular assessment during the Physical Readiness Test (PRT).

  • The VO2 max is a fitness indicator that measures a sailor’s aerobic capacity.

As you pedal against a set resistance, you will burn calories within the specified time of about 12 minutes; this calorie count, in addition to factors such as your age and gender, will determine your final PRT score.

Calculator Components

The Navy Bike Calculator will use the following components to calculate a sailor’s score for the bike test:

  • Sailors Age
  • Height
  • Gender
  • Duration of exercises
  • Number of Calories burned.
  • Time

The information will inform the sailor’s overall performance in the Navy PRT exercise and be recorded in the Navy PRT Score Sheet.

Why choose the bike for PRT?

Below are some of the reasons you might opt for the Navy Bike event:

Safety and health concerns: 

  • You can do the bike event for medical or safety reasons. 
  • The bike event is a low-impact test if you have an injury or joint issues.

Personal Preference

  • You may perform better in this event. 
  • Or you prefer to be indoors, which is where the stationary bikes are, compared to running outside.


  • Stationary bikes are indoors and not subject to adverse weather changes, making this test a consistent option for training and testing.

How Does the Navy PRT Calculator Work?

The calculator focuses primarily on three inputs:

  • Age Group: The Navy uses different standards for various age groups.
  • Gender: Male and female sailors have distinct requirements.
  • Calories Burned: The Navy tasks you with burning as many calories as possible within a specific time frame (typically 12 minutes) during your PRT bike test

How to use the Navy Bike Calculator

To use the Navy PRT Bike calculator:

  1. Sailors should ride the stationary bike for a set duration, usually 12 minutes. 
  2. Your instructor will record the bike’s resistance level, the total distance covered during the 12 minutes, and the calories burned.
  3. These values, including a sailor’s age and gender, are input into the calculator.

After inputting this data, the calculator provides a score based on Navy PRT standards

  • I.e., this is your estimated VO2max value, which correlates to the Navy’s Physical Readiness Test score chart

The calculator categorizes your performance score from “outstanding” to “probationary.”

Navigating the PRT Categories:

  • Outstanding: Achieving this is a testament to your supreme physical condition.
  • Excellent: You’re well above the standard. Keep pushing!
  • Good: You’ve met the requirements, but there’s room for improvement.
  • Satisfactory: You’ve hit the minimum standard.
  • Probationary: You must do a lot of work, take action, and seek guidance.

Your Navy PRT score determines whether you meet, exceed, or fall below the Navy’s aerobic capacity standards for your age and gender group.

Note: Please refer to the Navy Bike Standards for the specific guidelines and protocols for administering the bike event, including: 

  • Type of stationary bike to use
  • Warm-up Procedureused
  • Adjusting Resistance Levels
  • Cool-down periods

The Navy PRT bike standards also outline the minimum requirements for a sailor to pass the bike test.

  • The Navy PRT bike test is just one of the Navy PT exercises; other physical fitness tests include push-ups, 1.5-mile runs, and sit-ups.

Benefits of the Calculator:

  • Clear Assessment: It eliminates the guesswork and lets you know your exact score against the Navy’s standards set by the Navy.
  • Aids you in training: The Navy PRT calculator helps you gauge your progress and make necessary training adjustments to meet the set standards.
  • Motivation: Knowing you will perform well in PRT by measuring your performance in the calculator is a significant morale booster and essential for your training.

The Navy PRT Bike Calculator is your navigator, guiding you through the standards and helping you gauge your readiness. Use it well and keep training.

Official Navy Bike Calculator

Below is a link to the official Navy PRT Bike Calculator:

  • Google Navy PFA Bike Calculator
  • Apple Navy PFA Bike Calculator
Navy PRT Calculator
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