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Navy PRT Swim Standards 2023

If facilities are reasonably available, the 500-yard or 450-meter Navy PRT Swim event may be conducted. 

The Navy swim event consists of swimming 500 yards or 450 meters in the fastest time possible. 

Any swim stroke and turn may be used and only conducted in a standard 25- or 50-yard/meter swimming pool.

Navy PRT Swim Instructions

Below are the instructions for conducting a successful Navy PRT swim event for both sailors and CFL/ACFLs.

  1. The sailor will begin the test in water, and you are not allowed to dive into the water, i.e., no diving starts.

  2. The CFL or ACFL will announce the start, number of pool lengths, and associated times until the sailor has completed either 500 yards or 450 meters.

  3. The PRT Navy swim time will be recorded with a stopwatch to the nearest second.

  4. Sailors and swimmers may push off from the sides with their hands and feet after each pool length.

  5. Resting is permitted by holding the side of the pool, standing, or treading water.

  6. Sailors may use goggles, facemasks, swim caps, or earplugs.

    However, fins, snorkels, flotation devices, wet suits, and propulsion devices are strictly prohibited.

The Navy PRT swim event ends when:

  1. The sailor completes a prescribed distance of either 500 yards or 450 meters.
  2. The sailor receives or requires physical assistance from a CFL or ACFL, a lifeguard, or another person.
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