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How To Improve ACFT Score

A Comprehensive Guide to Scoring Better in ACFT

The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) is a key tool for evaluating soldiers’ physical prowess, endurance, and capability.

Excelling in this benchmark not only showcases your fitness aptitude but also your commitment and readiness for service.

Here’s an in-depth guide on improving your ACFT score according to the new ACFT Standards 2024, which outline the minimum requirments for passing the ACFT.

Hand Release Push-Ups: Finding the Perfect Form

  • First, to improve the amount of hand release push ups you do, you can have your elbows out or in. 
  • The rules say nothing about your elbow being out or in. 
  • However, the Finger must be inside your shoulder’s outer edge.

Elbow Positioning:

  • The ACFT rules are silent on whether your elbows should be flared out or kept close to your body.
  • Tip: Adjusting the angle of your elbows might aid in achieving a higher number of reps, but ensure comfort and prevent strain.

Finger Alignment:

  • Your fingers should be situated inside the outer edge of your shoulders.
  • Tip: This alignment offers better stability and can aid in maximizing your push-up count.
Elbow PositioningAdjust as per comfort, ensuring no strain.
Finger AlignmentKeep inside the outer edge of your shoulders

2. Sprint Drag Carry: Efficiency in Motion

  • Second, for sprint drag carry, only your foot has to cross the line while carrying the kettlebell. 
  • You don’t have to bring your whole body past the line, then turn back around, touch it with your foot, and go. 


  • Only your foot is required to cross the line during the kettlebell carry segment.
  • Tip: Save vital seconds by refraining from moving your entire body past the line before making the turn.

3. Standing Power Throw: Harnessing Maximum Power

  • Third, for standing power throw, you’re allowed to jump. I suggest you do it. Just don’t have your feet cross that line. 
  • Scoot your feet up about three to four inches and allow yourself a little bit of room to jump. 

The Jump Factor:

  • Tip: Position your feet about 3–4 inches from the line, allowing you to make a small jump without the risk of crossing over.

4. Deadlifts: Strategy Over Strength

  • Fourth, for the Max deadlift, know your weight before you go up there. 
  • Then pull about 20 pounds less on your first attempt. 
  • That way, you have a successful completion of that event in your pocket and then go up.


  • Understand your weight limit well in advance.
  • Tip: On your first try, opt for a weight about 20 pounds below your maximum. This ensures a successful initial attempt, setting a positive momentum.

5. Planks: Building Core Endurance

  • Five, and the last one, to improve your plank time, have your feet spread apart.
  •  If your feet are together, you don’t have as big a support for your back, which engages your core a little more. 

Foot Strategy:

  • Spreading your feet offers better support to your back.
  • Tip: This wider base reduces core strain, helping you maintain the plank for an extended period.
Foot PositionSpread apart to offer better back support.

How To Improve Your ACFT Score

Preparation for the ACFT is a blend of consistent practice, understanding techniques, and applying smart strategies. By incorporating these guidelines and staying disciplined, you’re setting yourself up for a better ACFT score. Remember, every point counts!

  • Do those five things. You’ll improve your ACFT score, I promise.
George N.