How To Improve ACFT Score

How to Score Better in ACFT

If you want to score better on the ACFT, I got five hacks for you. 

  • First, to improve the amount of hand release push ups you do, you can have your elbows out or in. The rules say nothing about your elbow out or in. However, the Finger must be inside your shoulder’s outer edge.
  • Second, for sprint drag carry, only your foot has to cross the line while carrying the kettlebell. You don’t have to bring your whole body past the line, then turn back around, touch it with your foot, and go. 
  • Third, for standing power throw, you’re allowed to jump. I suggest you do it. Just don’t have your feet cross that line. Scoot your feet up about three to four inches and allow yourself a little bit of room to jump. 
  • Four, the Max deadlift, know your weight before you go up there. Then pull about 20 pounds less on your first attempt. That way, you have a successful completion of that event in your pocket and then go up.
  • Five, and the last one, to improve your plank time, have your feet spread apart. If your feet are together, you don’t have as big a support for your back, which engages your core a little more. 

Do those five things. You’ll improve your ACFT score, I promise.