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ACFT Deadlift Standards 2024 | Weights & Chart

Army ACFT Deadlift
Army ACFT Deadlift

The Maximum Deadlift (MDL) refers to the maximum weight a person can lift for one repetition of the deadlift exercise using proper form.

The Maximum Deadlift (MDL) is a component of the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), designed to measure a soldier’s strength.

The ACFT Deadlift Standards outline the minimum and maximum weight requirements to pass the Maximum Deadlift (MDL) Event, which is part of the New Army ACFT Standards 2024.

In the ACFT Deadlift event, also known as the Repetition Maximum Deadlift (MDL), the soldiers are required to deadlift at the maximum weight possible three times during this event.

What Does ACFT Deadlift Measure?

  • The MDL measures a soldier’s muscular strength by assessing their lower body, their grip while deadlifting, and their core muscular strength by how much they lift.
  • In addition, the soldier should ensure they have well-conditioned back and leg muscle strength to avoid injuries during this exercise.

THE ACFT Deadlift Scoring

To pass this event, soldiers must perform at least one repetition with the minimum standard weight. Refer to the New ACFT Score Sheet.

  • Purpose: Measures lower body strength. 
  • Equipment: Hex bar and weights. 
  • Scoring: Based on the maximum weight successfully lifted for three repetitions.
  • ACFT Scores: Use the army ACFT calculator to calculate your final ACFT score

Male ACFT Deadlift Standards 2024

The following are the male ACFT Deadlift standards for 2024:

Age RangeMaximum Points (100)Minimum Points (60)
17-21340 lbs140 lbs
22-26370 lbs140 lbs
27-31370 lbs140 lbs
32-36370 lbs140 lbs
37-41340 lbs140 lbs
42-46340 lbs140 lbs
47-51320 lbs120 lbs
52-56280 lbs100 lbs
57-61250 lbs80 lbs
Over 62230 lbs80 lbs

Male ACFT Deadlift Standards

The following are the female ACFT Deadlift standards:

Age GroupMaximum Points (100)Minimum Points (60)
17-21210 lbs120 lbs
22-26230 lbs120 lbs
27-31230 lbs120 lbs
32-36230 lbs120 lbs
37-41210 lbs120 lbs
42-46210 lbs120 lbs
47-51190 lbs120 lbs
52-56190 lbs120 lbs
57-61170 lbs120 lbs
Over 62170 lbs120 lbs

How to do a Hex Deadlift

  • The hex bar or trap bar deadlift is a lower-body exercise. If you tip it up, you’ll notice the trap bar has two different handle heights: the lower handle height and the higher handle height.
  • The difference between this and a proper deadlift is that you’re standing inside the weight. So the weight is not out in front of you. And it’s more similar to a back squat than an actual deadlift.
  • You will stand in it; I recommend your feet be about shoulder-width apart, toes forward. And then squat yourself down, staying tight through that upper back.
  • Then, from here, push through the floor to stand up, come back, get it back to the ground, and push through the floor to stand it up.

ACFT Deadlift Tips

Wipe Your Fit

  • Have your feet underneath your hips for a stronger deadlift.
  •  And a trick to ensure you’re doing that is to wipe your feet. 
  • Once you wipe your feet, you’re usually in the correct stance.

Grip the Centre of the Handle

  • A crucial but straightforward tip is to grab the handle’s center. 
  • If you’re a bit off, forward, back, or offset, this can throw off your whole list and have the bar tethered back and forth.

Tuck Your Chin 

  • Keep your chin tucked for the deadlift. 
  • Avoid lifting your chin and looking forward. 
  • When you keep your chin tucked, you keep your core engaged more and your spine neutral. 

Tips to Max Your ACFT Deadlift

The last time I participated in my ACFT, I almost got a perfect score of 591. That means I scored perfectly for five of the six ACFT events. 

I will show you some quick tips on perfecting your maximum deadlift.

  • The ACFT deadlift is a weight training exercise. It’s usually performed with a hexagon or weighted bar that will be loaded up.
  • You will then lift that bar from the ground up, from hip level to perpendicular to the floor, before lowering it back down, hinging at the hip, and setting it back down on the ground.
  • It’s one of three power-lifting moves. The other two are the bench press and the squat.
  • If somebody wants to train for this event and level up their weight, one of the first things I would do is start doing air squats with the body. I firmly believe that if you can’t lift your body, you shouldn’t lift any weight you want.
  • Also, flexibility: you want to ensure you can perform this exercise because it’s a mobility type. So you’re moving, performing, and bending at a higher level.
  • So, if you can’t get into that position comfortably, you want to stretch out your leg muscles, hamstrings, calves, and quads, especially your glutes. 
  • So that’s the first thing I would do. Stretching out is crucial to ensure you’re performing at your peak performance.”
  • ACFT deadlifts can also help you lose weight, which will help you meet the new army height and weight standards 2024.

George N.