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ACFT Swim Standards 2024

ACFT Swim Standards differ based on age and gender to ensure fairness. The standards ensure that soldiers are evaluated appropriately for their demographic.

The following are examples of ACFT swim standards and scores based on the age and gender of the soldier:

  • Younger males (17-21 years) must complete the swim in 30:48 minutes, while females in the same age group have 33:48 minutes. 
  • Soldiers over 62 years are given 32:50 minutes (males) and 35:48 minutes (females).

ACFT Swim Standards 2024

Age RangeMale Time (MM:SS)Female Time (MM:SS)
Over 6232:5035:48

The 1,000-Meter Swim event requires a swimming pool with a minimum depth of one meter; pool length may be meters or yards.

  1. Soldiers will begin the event in the water with their bodies in contact with the wall of the pool.

  2. Soldiers may use any stroke and must touch the wall of the pool at each end as they turn; any turn is permitted.

  3. Soldiers may walk on the pool floor to recuperate.

  4. The only equipment authorized is swimming goggles, swim caps, and civilian swimwear.

  5. The use of certified lifeguards is highly encouraged.

  6. To pass, you must complete 1,000 meters in 25 minutes or less.

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