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Deployment MOS: Who gets deployed in the Army 2023

Deployed MOS
Deployed MOS

A common question that I get asked is: Does my MOS deploy, or does this MOS not deploy?  What MOS is deployed the most?

Deployment Based on MOS or Unit?

Here’s the thing: It actually doesn’t matter based on your MOS.

Army deployment is based on your unit, and as a unit, you will deploy based on your MOS.

Let’s use the example of my last unit before I got out of the army, which was 410 CAB.

410 CAB is made up of a lot of different MOSs that are both combat and non-combat MOSs, such asADA Mikes, finance people, and cooks, but also combat MOSs like your 19 Deltas and Scouts.

When that unit comes up on a deployment order, then they will all deploy. All MOSs in that unit will go with them to that deployment, as long as they’re deployable.

Also, if you’re not deployable for more than a year, you’re getting kicked out of the army. 

Roles within the 410 CAB Unit

RoleMOS Example
Combat19 Deltas (Scouts)
Non-CombatADA Mikes (Finance, Cooking, etc.)

When a unit such as this receives a deployment order, all MOSs deploy, provided they are deployable. Your specific unit, not your MOS, determines where you deploy. 

Deployment Pay and Hazard Considerations

As a whole, the Army will deploy all MOSs, combat and non-combat. It is true that once you get on that deployment, some MOSs will be more dangerous than others.

So if you’re an 11 Bravo: You will be more in the line of fire than the finance person who’s staying on base the whole time.  However, you will both be receiving the same combat pay and the same hazardous duty pay.

You’re even receiving the same pay if you’re at the same rank. So it doesn’t matter who’s in the more dangerous job as far as who gets paid more. 

  • Different MOS might have different roles and risks associated with them while in deployment; however, they all receive the same deployment combat pay and hazard duty pay.  
  • The associated risk of an MOS does not influence army pay.

Volunteering for Deployment

“Can I volunteer for a deployment?  So this is how it works. 

Is your unit going to be trained for that deployment? If yes, they will go to the national training center and do field exercises to prepare the soldiers for that deployment; in this case, you can volunteer for deployment.

If you are in another unit that is not currently trained up for a deployment and you want to volunteer to go to a unit that is trained up for a deployment, then it will be based on your unit leadership.

If you’re unable to get deployment training, your unit leadership may not want to let you go. 

To get the best answer on wanting to volunteer for deployment, ensure your unit is trained for deployment. If you lack the necessary deployment training, your leadership will decline to deploy you.

MOS Deployment List

Table 2: Examples of MOSs That Could See Frequent Deployments

MOS CodeRole Description
19DCavalry Scout
13FFire Support Specialist
15 SeriesAviation roles (e.g., 15T for helicopter repairer)
35 SeriesMilitary Intelligence Roles (e.g., 35F for Intelligence Analyst)
68 SeriesMedical roles (e.g., 68W for Healthcare Specialist/Combat Medic)
88MMotor Transport Operator
92YUnit Supply Specialist

In conclusion, you do not deploy based on MOS. You deploy based on your unit and whether your unit is going to deploy.

George N.