Extend and Flex


Purpose: This exercise develops mobility of the hip flexors, abdominals, hip (position 1-extend, Figure 6-98) and the low back, hamstrings, and calves (position 2-flex, Figure 6-98).

Starting Position: The front leaning rest position.

Position 1:  On the command, “Ready, STRETCH,” lower the body, sagging in the middle, keeping the arms straight and looking upward. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds.

Starting Position:  On the command, “Starting Position, MOVE,” assume the starting position.

Position 2:  On the command, “Change Position, READY, STRETCH,” slightly bend the knees and raise the hips upward. Straighten the legs and attempt to touch the ground with the heels. Move the head in line with the arms, forming an A with the body. Keep the feet together and hold this position for 20-30 seconds. On the command, “Starting Position, MOVE,” return to the starting position.

Figure 6-98. Extend and flex

Check Points:

  • In position 1, the thighs and pelvis rest on the ground. Relax the back muscles while bearing the body weight through the straight arms. Toes point to the rear.
  • In position 2, the legs are straight and the arms are shoulder width apart, palms down on the ground. Relax the shoulders and push to the rear with the hands, forming an “A” with the body. Try not to round the shoulders.
  • Keep the feet together throughout the exercise.

Precaution: N/A

Variation: Soldiers who cannot extend the trunk in position 1 while keeping the arms straight and hips on the ground may assume the modified position 1 shown above.

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