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Push-Up Using The Six-Point Stance 2023

The push-up using the six-point stance is a variation of the traditional push-up and serves as an excellent introductory step for those working towards mastering regular push-ups.

  • Also known as the pushup with 6 points of contact, this variation of pushup is used as a position of defense by the players in American football games. 
  • As the name suggests, this exercise consists of 6-point stances directly in touch with the ground while working: hands, knees, and toes. 
  • This compound exercise helps in gaining core stability. Let’s find out all you need to know about this excellent variation of pushups. 

Army PRT: Push-Up Using The Six-Point Stance

Soldiers should assume the six-point stance on their knees when unable to perform repetitions correctly to cadence

Push-Up Using The Six-Point Stance
Push-Up Using The Six-Point Stance

Muscles involved

  • This exercise mainly targets the shoulder, back, chest, abs, triceps, and leg muscles. 

How to perform a push-up using the six-point stance

A push-up using a six-point stance is an easier variation of regular push-ups, among many other variations. To correctly do this variation, you need to follow these steps in the mentioned order:

  • To start, sit on the ground on your knees so your hands and feet are touching the ground. 
  • Keep your hands below your shoulders at a distance equal to your shoulder width. Point the fingers outwards. 
  • Extend your legs backward so your body makes a straight line from shoulders to knees. Your toes are touching the ground with your legs extended.
  • Bring your upper body close to the floor while bending your elbows. Lower your chest closer to the floor so that you have complete control of your upper body.
  • Now hold this position and then push your body through the hands back to the initial position.
  • Repeat the exercise as per your desire. 

Benefits of  push-ups using the six-point stance exercise

Pushing up using the six-point stance has various benefits that encourage people to perform this exercise. Some of the most prominent and sought-after benefits include:

  • It prepares your body for regular push-ups, which are great for bodybuilding and muscle strengthening. 
  • By utilizing scapular muscles, this exercise helps in gaining shoulder stability.
  • It helps maintain core stability and trunk stability. 
  • It helps in daily life by increasing muscular strength. 
  • It offers an easy way out for people who cannot do regular pushups but want to engage in workouts. 
  • It helps in gaining athletic wisdom by practicing athletic moves (American football) 

Drawbacks of the Push-Up Using the Six-Point Stance

  • This push-up variation also has certain limitations:
  • It is basic in nature and doesn’t apply the optimal load on muscles.
  • Using knees as a support point might diminish the core stability achieved compared to regular push-ups.
  • It offers a restricted range of motion, potentially limiting muscle development.
  • It might cause some individuals to become complacent, relying solely on this easier version and missing out on the benefits of full push-ups.
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