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The purpose of preparation is to ready the Soldier for PRT activities. The PD is performed at the beginning of every PRT session. The PD consists of ten exercises performed for 5-10 repetitions at a slow cadence, with the exception of the high jumper and push-up (which are performed at a moderate cadence). When conducted to standard, preparation will last about 15 minutes. Since PRT sessions are generally limited to one hour, preparation must be brief, yet thorough. The objectives of preparation are to:

  • Increase body temperature and heart rate.
  • Increase pliability of joints and muscles.
  • Increase responsiveness of nerves and muscles.


Any dry, level area of adequate size is satisfactory for conducting the PD.


Soldiers should wear ACUs with boots or the IPFU. The uniform should be appropriate for the activity that will follow the PD. For example, when the activity is the CL 2 or the GD, ACUs with boots will be worn.




George N.