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Bent Leg Body Twist Exercise 2023

Bent Leg Body Twist Exercise
Bent Leg Body Twist Exercise

The Bent Leg Body Twist is a core exercise that targets your abs, especially the obliques, which are the muscles on the sides of your stomach.

The Bent Leg body twist is the 9th Army PRT Preparation Drill exercise. This exercise strengthens the trunk and hip muscles while promoting control of trunk rotation. 

It is a safe way to prepare for loaded trunk movements in more vigorous training, testing, and combat tasks.

Here is a breakdown of the movement, which is conducted at a slow cadence.

Army PRT Bent Leg Body Twist Exercise

  1. Assume the starting position: Supine position with the hips and knees bent to 90 degrees, arms sideward, and palms down. The knees and feet are together. 
  2. Count 1: Rotate the legs to the left while keeping the upper back and arms in place. 
  3. Count 2: Return to the starting position. 
  4. Count 3: Repeat count 1 to the right. 
  5. Count 4:Return to the starting position. 
  6. Perform the Bent-Leg Body Twist using a SLOW cadence.


Bent-Leg Body Twist

Check Points:

  • Tighten the abdominal muscles in the starting position and maintain this contraction throughout the exercise.
  • The head should be off the ground with the chin slightly tucked.
  • Ensure that the hips and knees maintain 90-degree angles.
  • Keep the feet and knees together throughout the exercise.
  • Attempt to rotate the legs to about 8 to 10 inches off the ground. The opposite shoulder must remain in contact with the ground.


This Army PRT Exercise is always performed at a slow cadence. Do not rotate the legs to a point beyond which the opposite arm and shoulder can no longer maintain contact with the ground.

Here is the movement in real-time.

How To Do The Bent Leg Body Twist Exercise for Those Not in the Army

If you are not in the Army, you can execute the bent leg body twist with proper form and technique by following these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Lie down on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

  2. Place your arms to the sides, creating a T-shape with your body.

  3. Keeping your shoulders pressed against the floor, slowly lower your knees to one side.

  4. Hold this position briefly before returning to the starting position.

  5. Repeat the movement on the other side.

  6. Continue alternating sides for the desired number of repetitions.

Remember to maintain proper form and technique throughout the exercise to maximize its benefits and minimize the risk of injury.

To ensure proper form and technique, avoid these common errors:

  • Arching the lower back.
  • Lifting the shoulders off the floor.
  • Rushing through the movement

Bent Leg Body Twist Variations

Explore different variations of the Bent Leg Body Twist to keep your workouts engaging and challenging:

  • Straight Leg Body Twist: Perform the exercise with straight legs instead of bent.
  • Weighted Body Twist: Hold a weight or medicine ball between your knees for added resistance.

Adjust the difficulty level by increasing or decreasing the range of motion, reps, or resistance.

Incorporating Bent Leg Twists into Your Workout

  • The Bent Leg Body Twist is a versatile exercise easily integrated into your workout routine. 
  • Whether focusing on core strength, flexibility, or overall fitness, this exercise provides numerous benefits and can help you achieve your fitness goals. 
  • Remember to experiment with variations and difficulty levels to keep your workouts fresh and challenging.

Beginner-Friendly Body Twist Routines


  • Starting with a basic body twist workout is essential for beginners. 
  • Focus on learning proper form and technique before progressing to more advanced exercises. 

For those new to the Bent Leg Body Twist, here are some sample routines to get started:

  • Three sets of 10 repetitions on each side, with a 30-second rest between sets.
  • Combine the Bent Leg Body Twist with other core exercises, such as planks and bicycle crunches, for a comprehensive core workout.

Progressing from beginner to advanced exercises: As you become more comfortable with the exercise, challenge yourself with new variations and progress from beginner to advanced exercises.

Benefits of Bent Leg Body Twists

  • Improve Core Strength with Bent Leg Twists
    • The bent-leg body twist effectively strengthens core muscles, including the abs and lower back. A strong core is essential for maintaining balance, stability, and overall fitness.
  • Engaging Oblique Muscles with Bent Leg Twists
    • This exercise targets the oblique muscles, which are crucial for enhancing overall core stability and preventing injuries.
  • Improves Body Posture
    • The bent-leg body twist helps improve posture by strengthening the core and spinal muscles. It can also prevent back pain and discomfort caused by poor posture.
  • Improves Body Flexibility
    • Regular practice of this exercise can improve flexibility and range of motion, making daily activities more accessible and reducing the risk of injury.


  • In conclusion, the Bent Leg Body Twist is a versatile and highly effective exercise for building core strength and improving flexibility. 
  • This workout is suitable for people of all fitness levels, including beginners. 
  • By incorporating this bod twist exercise into your workout routine, you can achieve better posture, increased stability, and overall improved fitness.
  • Remember to focus on proper form and technique to maximize the benefits and minimize the risk of injury.
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