Power Position


Proper body mechanics are essential for the powerful movements required of Soldiers. From the power position (Figure C-11), the Soldier is ready to:

  • Respond to or deliver aggression.
  • Squat to lower or lift a heavy load.
  • Accept a heavy load being passed from another individual.
  • Sprint to cover.
Figure C-11. Power position

To assume the power position, first set the hips and tighten the abdominals as previously described. From the straddle stance, place one leg 6 to 8 inches behind the other and crouch so the hips go rearward and the trunk counterbalances by leaning slightly forward. The balls of the feet accept most of the body weight. The shoulder blades are pulled slightly back, but not forced. The chest is high, head is level and elbows and knees are comfortably bent (about 45-degrees).

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