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New Army Tattoos Policy 2023 | 2024 AR 670-1 Regulations

AR 670-1 Army Tattoo Policy & Regulations
Army Tattoo Policy & Regulations Changes 2024

The Army tattoo policy is a set of guidelines and regulations that govern the appearance of tattoos on a soldier’s body.

AR 670-1 Army Tattoo Regulations 2024

The 2024 Army tattoo policy regulation is called the Tattoo, branding, and Body Mutilation Policy, and it essentially prohibits getting a tattoo that is not socially acceptable.

The AR 670-1 Tattoos Regulation prohibits soldiers from getting tattoo designs that are deemed offensive, extremist, or contain any hateful words or images.

So that means no naked mermaids or huge curse words across your chest. 

The Army prohibits anything they deem indecent or unprofessional, in addition to things you shouldn’t be getting anyway, like tattoos of extremist group symbols or anything sexist or racist.

The Army tattoo policy outlined in AR 670-1 Regulation allows soldiers to have tattoos, with some restrictions.

No matter what your Tattoo is, the Army prohibits getting tattoos on the following:

  • Your head or face, except for permanent makeup, which you can get.
  • Anything above the T-shirt neckline, including your ears or mouth, 
  • Below the wrist bone or on your hands.

Soldiers can have one ring tattoo on each hand in the place where rings can go. You cannot cover your tattoos with bandages or makeup to pretend to follow this policy.

Commanders should conduct annual checks to ensure soldiers adhere to the policy. If they don’t, the soldier must have the offending Tattoo removed or covered up within 15 days of discovery. If the soldier refuses, bad things will probably happen to them.

AR 670-1 regulation outlines the latest uniform and appearance standards information.

New Army Tattoo Policy Updates 2022

Army Tattoo Policy
Updated Army Tattoo Policy

The Army announced changes to its tattoo policy; we will review some fundamental changes and what that means going forward.

The changes will impact all active-duty, National Guard, and Army Reserve soldiers currently serving.

The new and updated AR 670-1 Tattoo Policy will allow recruits and current soldiers to get tattoos on the back of their necks, hands, and behind their ears.

  • The Army will now allow soldiers to have one ring tattoo on each hand that does not exceed one inch in length.
  • One Tattoo between the fingers, as long as the designs cannot be seen when the fingers are joined.
  • One Tattoo no longer than two inches on the back of their neck. However, it cannot extend to the sides of the neck or be visible from the side or the front.
  • Lastly, one-inch-long tattoos behind each ear are now authorized. However, it cannot extend forward or below the ear lobe.

The Army will continue prohibiting tattoos on a soldier’s face, except for cosmetic purposes. However, soldiers who want to get facial tattoos for religious reasons can apply for an exception.

New Army Tattoo Policy
New Army Tattoo Policy

AR 670-1 Tattoos Regulation Summary

Company commanders will perform annual inspections of tattoos to ensure they remain within army regulations.

Tattoos have grown in popularity among younger people, and these changes will allow individuals who meet all other qualifications for appointment or enlistment the opportunity to serve or to continue to serve.

The army tattoo policy revision will eliminate the need for waivers to recruit applicants with tattoos in the specific areas described and reduce applicant processing time due to waivers.

It also reduces the risk of recruiters declining to process tattoo applicants in these areas.

  • The army prohibits tattoos related to an extremist group, sexist, or even racist.
  • You cannot have tattoos on your head, face, neck, or hands, except for permanent makeup and a ring tattoo on each hand. 
  • In some cases, the Army will give individuals waivers to join the Army with a tattoo that is outside of this policy, such as a small tattoo on their neck or their hand.
AR 670-1 Tattoo Regulation
AR 670-1 Tattoo Regulation


Army Tattoo Regulation
Army Tattoo Regulation

We will conclude with the following questions:

Can you have neck tattoos in the army?

  • Yes, recruits and current soldiers can now get tattoos on the back of their necks. However, the tattoo should be no longer than two inches and cannot extend to the sides of the neck or be visible from the side or the front.

Can you have hand tattoos in the army?

  • Yes, the Army now allows soldiers to have one ring tattoo on each hand, provided it does not exceed one inch in length. Additionally, soldiers can have one tattoo between the fingers, as long as the designs cannot be seen when the fingers are joined together.

Can you have tattoos in the army?

  • Yes, with the updated AR 670-1 Tattoo Policy, recruits, and current soldiers can have tattoos, with specific restrictions regarding the location and size of the tattoos.

Can you join the army with tattoos?

  • Yes, with the AR 670-1 Tattoo Policy changes, recruits, and soldiers can join the army with tattoos if they adhere to the updated guidelines regarding tattoo placement and size.
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