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New AR 670-1 Update 2022 | 2023 Changes in Army Regulation

Army AR-670-1-Regulation
Army AR-670-1-Regulation

AR 670-1 is the United States Army regulation that outlines the standards, guidance, and requirements for army grooming, appearance, and uniforms.

  • Army Regulation 670-1 emphasizes the importance of maintaining a professional and disciplined army force while allowing certain exceptions and accommodations when necessary.
  • This regulation was last updated in 2022.

Key Points in Army Regulation 670-1

The following are the critical points of AR670-1 Regulation:

Haircuts and hairstyles

Hair must be well-groomed and conservative, with no eccentric or faddish styles. 

AR 670-1 Facial Hair

  • AR 6701 allows Mustaches, which must be neatly trimmed and can’t go past the upper lip. 
  • Beards and goatees are generally prohibited, except under certain circumstances, such as religious accommodations or medical conditions.
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AR 670-1 Jewelry

  • Allowed: Soldiers can wear conservative jewelry like wedding rings and watches.
  • Prohibited: The Army does not permit certain types of jewelry, such as tongue rings or large earrings.

Tattoo Policy 

  • AR 670-1 regulation prohibits tattoos that are extremist, indecent, sexist, or racist.
  • The Army forbids certain tattoos on the hands, neck, or face except in certain circumstances.
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AR 670-1 Uniform Regulation

  • Soldiers must wear the appropriate uniform for their duties and rank. 
  • Uniforms must be clean, neat, and well-fitting. 
  • AR670 1 prohibits soldiers from wearing unauthorized items, such as civilian clothes or unauthorized patches.

Types of uniforms

  • The Army Combat Uniform (ACU) is the standard field and garrison duty uniform.
  • Dress Uniforms: Soldiers wear dress uniforms for formal and ceremonial occasions. 
  • There are several dress uniforms, each with its own standards and requirements.

Army Hygiene Regulation

  • Soldiers must maintain good personal hygiene.
  • They must bathe regularly, use deodorant, and clean their clothing.

AR 670-1 Physical Fitness Regulation

AR 670-1Conduct

  • Army Regulation 670-1 expects soldiers to maintain a professional demeanor and conduct themselves consistently with the Army’s values and principles.

Accessories and Equipment (AR 670-1)

AR670-1 regulation allows soldiers to wear certain accessories, such as sunglasses, gloves, and scarves, but they must be conservative and not interfere with performing duties.

  • Footwear: Soldiers must wear appropriate footwear, including athletic shoes for physical training and combat boots for field duty.
  • Headgear: Soldiers must wear appropriate berets, patrol caps, and helmets.
  • Outerwear: Army Regulation 670-1 allows soldiers to wear authorized outerwear such as jackets and parkas.
  • Undershirts: Soldiers must wear undershirts with their uniforms that are clean and not visible beneath the uniform.
  • Gloves: Soldiers can wear gloves, but they must be conservative and not interfere with performing duties.
  • Scarves: Soldiers can wear scarves, but they must be conservative and not interfere with their duties.

AR 670-1 Patches and Insignia

  • Soldiers are authorized to wear authorized patches and insignia on their uniforms but must wear them under Army regulations.


  • The Army allows soldiers to wear sunglasses, but they must be conservative and not interfere with performing duties.
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New AR 670-1 Changes & Updates for 2023

The following are new updates and changes made to Army Regulation 670-1 in 2022:

Minimum Hair Length:

  • One of the AR 670-1 updates will authorize a minimum hair length for all personnel. 
  • Previously, a soldier’s hair could be no shorter than 1/4 inch from the scalp unless they had a medical exemption.

Multiple Hairstyles

  • The new Army Regulation 670-1 changes allow soldiers to adopt multiple hairstyles as long as they maintain a professional appearance and don’t interfere with using their headgear or equipment.
  • This update removes dimensional requirements.


  • The new AR 670 1 update allows female soldiers with medium-length hair to wear ponytails. 
  • Medium-length ponytails must be on the back of the scalp and cannot exceed the width of your head.
  • Long-haired females can wear a ponytail during physical training, tactical training, and combat operations.

Hair Highlights & Coloring

  • The Army now allows highlights as long as they appear natural and are not a prohibited color.
  • The root growth of a different color should be at most 1.5 inches. 
  • The Army 670-1 updates emphasize natural hair colors, regardless of ethnicity.

Earrings with ACU

  • The new Army 670-1 changes allow female soldiers to wear earrings with the Army Combat Uniform but not during combat, in the field, or where there is limited access to hygiene.

Lipstick & Nail polish Colors

  • The new Army grooming standards have approved more Nail colors.
  • It allows clear nail polish for male soldiers.
  • Extreme colors and nail shapes remain prohibited.

Wording & Imagery Update

  • The new AR 670-1 update approves replacing potentially offensive terms, such as “Mohawk, Fu Manchu, and dreadlock. 
  • The new Army 670-1 standards will link to imagery and videos for a clearer understanding.

AR 670-1 Waivers and Exceptions

The Army can make exceptions to the AR670-1 Regulation for religious and medical reasons. Some of the exceptions include:

 Religious Accommodation: 

  • Soldiers may request religious accommodation for grooming or uniform requirements, but they must provide documentation and follow Army regulations.

AR 670-1 Exceptions:

  • Exceptions to Army regulations may be made for medical conditions or exceptional circumstances, but the appropriate authority must authorize them in writing.

The AR 670-1 regulation outlines guidance for army grooming, appearance, conduct, and specific requirements for uniforms, accessories, and equipment

You can get the comprehensive AR 670-1 here in the download below:

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