Test Site



The OIC and the NCOIC should select a test site that is flat and free of debris. The test site should have the following:

  • A site that is free of any significant hazards.
  • A briefing area for the reading of event instructions.
  • A preparation area (can be same as briefing area).
  • A soft, flat, dry area for push-ups and sit-ups.
  • A flat, measure 2-mile running course with a solid surface that is not more than 3 percent grade.

Sound judgment must be used in the selection of a 2-mile run course. There is no requirement to survey 2-mile run courses; however, selected test sites should be free of significant hazards such as traffic, slippery road surfaces, and areas where heavy pollution is present. Running tracks may be used to administer the 2-mile run event. If a 400-meter track is used, the OIC/NCOIC must add an additional 61 feet, 4 inches to the standard 8 laps to ensure the test’s required 2-mile distance is covered. One lap on a 400-meter track is 92 inches shorter than one lap on a 440-yard track. Eight laps on a 400-meter track is 736 inches shorter than eight laps (2 miles) on a 440-yard tack. Therefore, Soldiers running on a 400-meter track must run an additional 61 feet, 4 inches.

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