APFT Administration



The success of any physical fitness testing program depends on obtaining valid and accurate test results; therefore, the APFT must be administered properly to accurately evaluate individual Soldier and unit physical fitness. Supervision of the APFT is necessary to ensure the objectives of the physical fitness program are met. Proper supervision provides for standardization in the following:

  • Test preparation.
  • Control of performance factors.
  • Training of test personnel.
  • Test scoring.


Preparation for the APFT should be directed at securing the most accurate evaluation of personnel participating in the test. Preparatory requirements include the following:

  • Selecting and training of event supervisors, scorers, timers, demonstrators, and support personnel.
  • Equipment inventory.
  • Securing the test site.


The commander should ensure that testing is consistent with regard to events, scoring, clothing, equipment, and facilities. Testing should be planned to permit each Soldier to perform at his maximal level and should ensure the following:

  • Soldiers are not tested when fatigued or ill.
  • Soldiers do not participate in tiring duties before taking an APFT.
  • Weather and environmental conditions do not inhibit physical performance.
  • Risk analysis is conducted.

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