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ACFT Sled Weight 2023 | Standards Score Chart

The ACFT sled is a piece of equipment used in the ACFT events, specifically, the sprint drag carry event. 

The ACFT is the new physical fitness test used by the United States Army to evaluate and assess the physical fitness of US army members.

The sled is used in the sprint drag carry acft event, simulating soldiers pushing heavy objects during combat missions. It consists of a metal frame with a flat surface on the bottom and weight plates added to increase the resistance.

The ACFT sled push event in the ACFT requires the soldier to push the sled for 25 meters within a specified time limit; the resistance increases with each level of the test, refer to the acft sprint drag carry standards here.

The ACFT sled push event tests a soldier’s lower body strength, endurance, and overall physical readiness for combat situations.

Army ACFT Sled Weight Requirements

Weight The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) sled requires specific dimensions and weight. 

  • Dimensions: 1.25 meters long, 0.6 meters wide, and 0.9 meters tall
  • Weight: Between 90 and 140 pounds (about 41 to 64 kilograms)
  • Handles: ACFT sled should have handles on both sides, which the soldier uses to push the sled during the test.

These dimensions and weight requirements ensure that the sled is standardized and consistent across all United States Army testing locations, ensuring fair and accurate test results for all soldiers.

Tips for Dragging the ACFT Sled for the sprint drag carry (SDC) Event

Stop trying to pull the ACFT sled for the sprint drag carry. That’s not how you move it. If you want to move 90 pounds of the sled, you want to push your hips forward the whole time, so think of it in that term. 

When you push your hips forward, you get your shoulders behind your hips, so your center of gravity has now changed, and our body weight is moving that ACFT sled rather than our legs having to drive through continually. 

The other thing that happens is as we’ve pushed our hips forward, we’ve made our steps much shorter. The less time that foot is on the ground, the less force that foot has to absorb.

So shorter steps, hips forward, shoulders behind your hips, and you’re dragging the sled effectively.

Think of the sprint drag carry event as a test of your ability to push your hips forward, hold them there, and absorb that counter-rotation so that you’re not swinging and shuffling back and forth. These things will make you able to move that 90-pound ACFT sled much easier and get good acft scores.

How much weight is on the ACFT sled?

Between 90 and 140 pounds (about 41 to 64 kilograms)

What sled is used for ACFT?

The Magic Carpet Sled which was implemented with the ACFT

How long is the strap on an Army Combat Fitness Test sled?

1.25 meters in Length, 0.6 meters in Width

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