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ACFT 3.0 Standards 2024

Today, we will be talking about ACFT 3.0 and some of the changes that come with it. For those who hate the leg tuck, this might be good news for you, so stick around and let’s get to it.

The ACFT 3.0 Standards just rolled out on Monday. Some changes have happened to it. There’s a bunch of stuff going on. We’re going to cover every topic that was in the article.

Starting April 1st, the ACFT 3.0 standards will take effect. So you can take it, but it will count against you in April 2022, so you don’t have to worry about that. But the changes that I’m going to be talking about will be implemented. So keep that in mind. Click here to see the New ACFT Score Chart 2024.

Starting back in version 2.0, they had specific ACFT standards by MOS. So, for example, if you were in the infantry or combat arms MOS, you would have to test in the highest category, meaning your minimums were higher than somebody in a lower category. However, the Army did away with that.

Now it’s a minimum for every MOS, for every soldier, male or female, whatever it may be. It’s still gender-neutral and age-neutral. The MOS requirements are the same.

The baseline now is that you need to get 60 points in each ACFT event to pass the fitness test. That’s the bare minimum. That’s 360 total points out of the 600 required to get a perfect score; that’s what you need.

The 360 will be a passing requirement to stay in the Army and be used for recruiting; keep that in mind. It will be suitable for some people, bad for others, and make people upset or happy.

So what do you guys think? Should they have kept the MOS standards the same? Should soldiers with higher MOS, such as infantry or combat arms, have a higher standard? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

What are the event-specific changes in ACFT 3.0?

Leg Tuck: It has been proven by the facts and the testing they’ve done that the leg tuck is the most challenging event on the ACFT.

With most women failing, it was in the 70 percent range, maybe even the 80 percent range and many males were also not passing this event. So they introduced the acft plank as an alternate event. But they’ve officially made the plank a permanent alternative exercise, meaning you can pick whichever one you want for the test between the two.

So if you want to do the leg tuck, you can choose the leg tuck. If you’re going to do the plank, you can do it as well; there are also minimum requirements for each exercise on the ACFT.

The leg tuck has been causing a lot of issues. First, it’s been messing up with the logistics and the testing because the leg tuck is insane to pass. It will be interesting to see how many people opt for the plank and how many opt for the leg tuck.

They adopted this from the Marines; the Marines get to choose the test for their upper body portion of their physical fitness test and what they want to do, whether pull-ups or push-ups. They get to choose from a core sit-up and a plank as well.

It’s up to them to choose whatever they feel will be more conducive to passing the ACFT or getting a better score, but that’s that. One of their most significant changes is making the leg tuck a permanent alternate event.

Let me know in the comments section what you guys think. Also, let me know if you opt for the leg tuck or the planks. The minimum requirements as per the new acft score sheet are as follows:

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