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Guerrilla Drill (GD)
From: FM 7-22 October 2012


The GD, performed in the sustaining phase, consists of three exercises that develop leg power, coordination, and the ability to lift and carry another Soldier. When the Soldiers can precisely execute each exercise and carry, the drill is performed continuously for 1-3 sets. All movement in the carry position is performed at quick time. Each exercise and carry must be taught and demonstrated before Soldiers try to perform the drill. When teaching and demonstrating the GD, use the extended rectangular formation (covered). In the illustrations that follow, Soldier “A” refers to the Soldier performing the carry, and Soldier “B” refers to the Soldier being carried. The drill is always performed in its entirety in the order listed.


Any dry, level area of adequate size (same as MMD 1) and free from hazards (holes, debris) is satisfactory for conduct of the GD.


Soldiers will wear IPFU or ACUs.


Mark GD area with cones.


For the most efficient instruction, the unit size should be limited to one platoon. Larger units up to a battalion can successfully perform these drills if properly taught and mastered at the small unit level. The extended rectangular formation (covered) is prescribed.


A PRT leader and AI are required to instruct and lead the GD. The instructor must be familiar with the method of teaching the exercises; the commands and counting cadence; formations; starting positions; and the use of AIs as described in Chapter 7, Execution of Training. Soldiers should memorize the exercises by name and movement. Considerable time and effort must be expended during the early stages to teach exercises properly to all Soldiers.


GD exercises lose much of their value unless performed exactly as prescribed. Precision should never be compromised for speed of movement. Moving too fast will not allow Soldiers to perform the exercises with proper technique and may lead to injury. All movement in the carry position is performed at quick time.


Soldiers perform no more than one repetition of each exercise while learning and practicing the GD. The GD is performed in the sustaining phase during the activity part of the PRT session. Soldiers will perform one set of the entire drill, progressing to three sets.


The GD exercises integrate the components of strength, endurance, and mobility through functional movements that relate directly to the performance of WTBDs.


The GD consists of three exercises that are performed in the sequenced prescribed and trains the body segments listed in Table 9-11. The commands for execution of the drill and starting positions for each exercise are described in Chapter 7.


 Table 9-11. Body segments trained in the guerrilla drill. 


Guerrilla Drill (GD)


From: FM 7-22 October 2012 

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