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Crouch Run
From: FM 7-22 October 2012
Purpose: This exercise develops the ability to run quickly in a crouched position (Figure 10-9).
Starting Position: Assume the starting position for exercise three of CD 1: mountain climber.
Movement: Power out of the starting position, performing one repetition of mountain climber, then upon finishing count 4, run forward in the crouch position to the 25-yard mark. Turn clockwise while planting the left foot and bending and squatting to touch the ground with the left hand, as in performing the shuttle sprint in MMD1. Crouch run quickly back to the starting line and plant the right foot, turn counter-clockwise and touch the ground with the right hand. Accelerate out of the crouch run to an upright position and sprint back to the 25-yard mark gradually accelerating to near maximum speed.

Figure 10-9. Crouch run


Check Points:

  • Move from the crouch run starting position by executing one repetition of mountain climber and firing out of count four with the right leg and swinging the left arm forward to the crouch run.
  • On the crouch run, stay low with minimal arm swing.
  • Soldiers should slow their movement before planting their feet and changing direction.
  • Soldiers should squat while bending the trunk when reaching to touch the ground as they change direction.
  • Soldiers touch the ground with their left hand on the first turn, then with their right hand on the second turn.
  • Accelerate to near maximum speed during the last 25-yard interval.

Precaution: Soldiers should use caution when performing this exercise on wet terrain.


From: FM 7-22 October 2012 

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