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What Does Oscar Mike Mean

“Oscar Mike” is military radio jargon used on the NATO phonetic alphabet to represent the letters “O” and “M”. It stands for “On the Move”

You’ve ever been watching an army or military movie or TV show, and they’re about to take off on a mission, and someone says, Oscar Mike, what does that mean? 

Well, it comes from the phonetic alphabet. So Oscar being O, Mike being the letter M, so Oscar Mike, and that stands for on the move. 

So that basically means we’re on the way. So that is a common term when someone says, Hey, I need you at my location right now. 

And someone says, Oscar Mike,” which means they’re on the move. They’re moving right now. They’re en route to that location. They’re heading that way. 

So maybe try using that in your vocabulary if you want, but it is a common term that you have in the United States Army. 

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George N.