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Do you get a Hellcat if you join the Army?

Do you get a Hellcat if you join the Army?
Do you get a Hellcat if you join the Army?

No, you do not get a Hellcat if you join the Army.

The Dodge Hellcat:

  • The Hellcat is a high-performance version of the Dodge Challenger or Charger. 
  • With a roar that can shake the streets, it’s a dream car for many automobile enthusiasts.

Joining the military does not include receiving a specific vehicle as part of the benefits.

  • However, as a service member, you may qualify for discounts or special financing options when purchasing a vehicle, but the military will not provide you with the specific Dodge Hellcat car.

The Myth

  • Some jokes, misunderstandings, or overstated conversations might suggest that enlisting in the Army comes with the perk of receiving this beast of a car. 
  • To put it simply, this is not true.

It is most likely a joke or a misunderstanding. 

  • When you join the Army, you are not given a Hellcat as a reward or incentive. 
  • The Army provides housing, food, and other benefits, but personal vehicles like a Hellcat are not among them.

Benefits of joining the Army

While you won’t be cruising in a brand-new Hellcat just for enlisting, the Army does offer numerous benefits to its soldiers:


  • Depending on your rank and family status, you can receive basic allowance for housing to offset costs.


  • Soldiers are granted a basic allowance for sustenance or have access to tax-free meals in the dining facility.


  • Comprehensive healthcare benefits are provided, covering everything from routine check-ups to surgeries.


  • Many soldiers take advantage of the GI Bill, which can cover a significant portion of college tuition.

Retirement Benefits

  • Service members can benefit from a retirement pension after a certain number of service years.

Auto Purchasing and the Military

While the Hellcat isn’t a direct benefit, service in the military can make owning one a more achievable dream.


  • Many automakers offer military discounts as a way to show appreciation for their service. 
  • While it won’t make Hellcat free, it can make it more affordable.

Special Financing Options:

  • Some financial institutions, particularly those affiliated with or favoring the military, may offer reduced interest rates or better loan terms for service members.

Insurance Breaks

  • Similarly, some insurance companies offer discounts to military members, which can offset some of the higher insurance costs associated with high-performance vehicles like the Hellcat.

In Conclusion: Setting the Record Straight

  • The military, and the Army in particular, provides many tangible and intangible benefits to its members. 
  • However, a Dodge Hellcat is not one of them. It’s essential to do thorough research and set realistic expectations before making life-altering decisions, such as enlisting in the Army. 
  • While the roar of a Hellcat might not be a guaranteed perk, the roar of pride, camaraderie, and the skills acquired during service have their own, invaluable merit.
George N.