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ARMY PPW – Army Promotion Point Worksheet 2024

The Army PPW, or Promotion Point Worksheet, is a document the United States Army uses to track a soldier’s promotion points. 

The information included in the Army PPW.

  • APFT scores
  • Weapons qualification score
  • Military education
  • Awards and decorations
  • Other factors that contribute to promotion points. 

The Army PPW determines a soldier’s eligibility for promotion to the next rank. It is the soldier’s responsibility to keep the PPW up-to-date and accurate.

Army Promotion Points Worksheet Highlight

So you’ve been promotable for a few weeks. Why am I, not a sergeant? How does this work? Today, I will tell you about the promotion points worksheet and how you need to keep that updated so you can move up that list and get promoted next month.

Explanation of the Promotion Point Worksheet

I’m going to be talking about the promotion point worksheet. I will talk about where to find it, how to read it, and what to do with it to move you up through the ranks in the United States military.

The army promotion point worksheet now tells you your number of promotion points. And it shows you where you stand against your peers in becoming a noncommissioned officer.

Right after you become promotable and leave that board successfully, it will become your duty to take care of your army promotion point worksheet and ensure it’s up-to-date with all the information so that you can have the most points you can. 

I’ve seen people miss this because they didn’t update their PT card and missed promotions by two points. So your due diligence in taking care of and updating this promotion point worksheet is crucial to your success and promotion in the army.

How do you access your Army Promotion Point Worksheet?

Follow the steps below to access your Army PPW.

  1. The first thing you will do is go to a search engine like Google and type in “Army HRC.”

  2. You’re going to click on the HRC homepage right here. 

  3. You’ll click the OK button and see a login in the upper right-hand corner. 

  4. So go ahead and log in with your details.

  5. You can also find this in your AKO, but it’s easier to type in Army HRC. 

  6. Go to the top right corner and type in Enlisted Promotions, promotions with an S

  7. You need to click Enlisted Promotions. Then go ahead and hit Enter. 

  8. The top one says “Enlisted Promotions.” So that’s the one you’ll click.

  9. Once on the page, click on the army promotion point worksheet link. It will take you to log in again, where you will click submit.

  10. Then, you will hit your DOD login and log in one more time

  11. Once you’re there, you’ll click the button to continue and have access to your army ppw.

Understanding the Promotion Point Worksheet

Your Army PPW will have the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Last Four
  • Date of Rank
  • Point Effective Date
  • Organization
  • PMOS
  • Status (Reason)

Again, this army promotion point worksheet tells you how many points you have towards being promoted to either sergeant or staff sergeant. I will cover the key sections of the Army PPW as outlined below:

APFT Points/ACFT Promotion Points

You’ll see your Army APFT points in the Army PPW, max 180 points. These points will change depending on whether you move from an E4 to an E5 or an E5 to an E6. It also has the last date you did an APFT and the total score and points awarded.

Weapons Qualification Points

In the weapon qualification section, you’ll see the last date, total score, and points. This section for military training has a total maximum of 160 points. Now, again, that could change for E5.

Awards and Decorations Points

In the awards and decorations, you’ll have all your awards. You will see a limit of four COAs (certificates of achievement). So if you have 10, you can’t get five promotion points for each one. You can max out at 20 promotion points. Now in this section, you can max out at 125 points. 

These are awards, decorations, and badges. So we’re talking about AAMs, RCOMs, any badges, Air Assault, Airborne, and any badge that goes in this area. You can see a couple of the points in this section, showing how you’re gaining those points.

Airborne Advantage Points

In the Airborne Advantage section, soldiers on current jump status (currently jumping out of planes) and requiring four jumps a year get an additional 30 promotion points. And then, all these are located at the bottom and totaled up for this point. 

Military Education Points

This section talks about professional military education. Now, this is talking about BLC and ALC. Now, you see 20 points for the Commandant’s List for the basic leadership course and 40 points for the Distinguished Leader or Distinguished Honor grad. These are huge identifiers to move up against your peers. Take these very seriously. You’ll see this in the awarded points section on the side. 

Resident Military Training Points, ATARS courses; this will be your CLS, combative, and resident military training courses. Most of these are one-, two-, or three-week courses. In addition, you get four to five promotion points per week. These points are going to be awarded on the side here as well.

Computer-Based Training Points: This is a big one for my younger soldiers. Computer-based training, army correspondence course.. The maximum is just over 500 hours, and you’ll get those 80 promotion points. Now, you can do this on your own through either the SSD, the soldier structure development courses you need to do level one before you go to BLC), or you can do these daily when you’re at work and don’t have anything else to do. This is how you’re going to get promoted. These 80 promotion points are huge when all you’re doing is completing some online training. The next day it updates, and the next day you get points. 

Civilian Education

The last section is civilian education. You’ll see here Completed semester hours or CLEP, and it’s two points per semester hour. Now I have my college on there, and then my promotion points right here. The big thing for this is to have your army college credits credentialed at a college, and they’ll give you an evaluation saying, If you come to our college, we’ll give you 30 college credits. 

That’s a quick way to get 60 promotion points. Even though you may not go to college there, you’ll get a transfer from them that awards those 30 semester hours. There is a multitude of colleges you could do that for. 

Technical certifications.

On to the second block, technical certifications. You can see here that I have one. Now for technical certifications, you see them here and get 5 to 10 points. Now you can type in Army Cool on your local search engine, and it will come up with a web page that shows you. They will show you all the technical certifications that apply to your MOS and can earn you 5 to 10 promotion points. Those are quick, easy things to do to add additional promotion points.

Defense Language Proficiency

Under the third block is your defense language proficiency (DLPT). You must be proficient in these languages and recertify annually, or they’ll disappear. That’s why it has a test date. 

Degree completion

 And the last one is degree completion, where you’ll get 20 points for having your degree, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree. 

Now, at the bottom, you’ll see all the sections and all the totals. It is coming out to a total of 800 points. Yes, the maximum is 798, but you can achieve 800. So this is your section here; at the bottom, it will tell you how many promotion points you have.

Army PPW Conclusion

Now that you know how to find the PPW, you know how to read the PPW; what do you do with it? I did an episode on the Army Trend Report, and that’s what you’re going to do:

  • Take your Army PPW.
  • Take that number that you got at the bottom.
  • Plug it in on the Army Trend Report and see where you sit amongst your peers on who’s getting promoted next.

That trend report is found in the same massive links you found on PPW.

Now that you know about the promotion point worksheet, spread this to your soldiers. Spread this to those future NCOs. Make this a part of NCOPD. I cannot tell you enough that everybody I’ve talked to has yet to learn about the promotion point worksheet. They didn’t learn it in SEO PD. 

They learned about it through hearsay. Here we are today. Let’s spread that knowledge. Let’s get it going through the ranks and develop these future leaders. That’s how you’re going to separate yourself from your peers. That’s how you’re going to dominate the day. That’s how you’re going to move yourself up through the ranks. 

ARMY Promotion Points Worksheet Download

Below is a copy of the AMR PPW worksheet, you can download below:

Army Promotion Points Worksheet Questions & Answers

How do I check my Army PPW?

Go to a search engine and type in “Army HRC.”
Click on the HRC homepage and log in with your details.
Type “Enlisted Promotions” in the top right corner and click “Enter.”
Click on the “Enlisted Promotions” link.
Click the “Army Promotion Point Worksheet” link and submit your login details.
Access your Army PPW by clicking on the button to continue.

What is the recommended E5 on PPW?

The recommended E5 on PPW will vary depending on the promotion cycle

How long does it take for PPW to be updated? 

The time frame varies; however, it is updated every month

What does Army PPW stand for?

Army PPW means Army Promotion Point Worksheet.

What are the max points on PPW? 

As of 2022, the maximum number of points was 800

George N.