Army Cutoff Scores & Promotion Points List

Five Ways To Get More Army Promotion Points. 

  • Number one, max your correspondence points. You get 90 points in that area, and if you don’t have a max, stop telling people. Correspondence and online training might waste time, but it’s worth 90 points. 
  • Number two, get college transcripts. A lot of colleges offer to evaluate your military experience for college credits. Most of them will do it for free if you take a course. Some of them charge a fee. But what’s the fee if they give you 30 college credits and you get 60 promotion points? 
  • Three, improve your ACFT score. On April first, 2023, in just under 30 days, your ACFT will be worth promotion points, so I suggest you get your score up. Remember, the difference between a 540 and a 440 score is almost 40 points. 
  • Number four, improve your military experience and move your weapon score. The difference between a 26 and a 36 is almost 75 points. 
  • Number five, go to military schools. Airborne, aerosol, etc., all military training equals promotion points.